Final Famine

Final Famine book is designed step-by-step for you to survive and protect your loved ones during the next great famine.


Available exclusively online through, Final Famine contains a collection of tips, tricks, and secrets to keep your family “fat and happy” no matter what happens next.

What can you expect to learn from Final Famine? Final Famine is it legit? In our Final Famine review, you will find all the information that you need.

Final Famine Book

What is Final Famine?

Final famine: How to Keep Your Family Happy and Fat While the World Starves eBook is written by Teddy Daniels. He was a retired United States Army member and former police officer.

Teddy claims that China is planning to launch an attack on the United States in the near term using a powerful energy weapon. This electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon will immediately disable electronic and communication systems across the United States, causing chaos and famine.

China has purchased farmland in the United States to make the famine even worse. This will cause further chaos after the attack.

Ted recommends Final Famine to help you protect your family. Final Famine will teach you how to build your own “electroponics home gardening system”, how to protect your family and how to prepare yourself for the coming famine.

Final Famine is exclusively available online through, where it’s priced at $67 and backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.


Final Famine Benefits

Final Famine, written by Teddy Daniels, is a guide to protect yourself and your family from unanticipated events like the Chinese-caused famine that will be expected in the United States.

Final Famine has many benefits, including:

  • Prepare for the Final Famine today with these simple steps.
  • Even if you don’t have any gardening experience or you’ve never constructed anything before, you can easily build an electroponics system for your home.
  • How to feed your family and not rely on the crumbling US Food Supply
  • According to Teddy’s sources, a Chinese attack against the United States could be imminent
  • You can now read digital eBooks on any device
  • Money back guarantee of 60 days

What will you learn in Final Famine

Final Famine is an easy-to-follow survival guide that will help you prepare for unexpected events, such as a famine brought on by the Chinese government.

Teddy claims that he has uncovered information about a secret Chinese plot against the United States. Teddy claims that the Chinese government plans to attack the United States electrical grid in the future, causing chaos and famine.

Teddy says that the attack may happen tomorrow, next week or even next year. Teddy says the attack will happen soon.

The Chinese government is secretly purchasing US farmland. The Chinese government is able to purchase farmland via shell companies despite attempts to stop them. Teddy says China will use American farmland in order to worsen the crisis.

Why does China plan to attack the United States, causing a “Final Famine?”

The Final Famine eBook is built on the simple assumption that China plans to attack the United States using an EMP, which will cause widespread panic and famine.

Why does China plan to attack the United States of America? Why is the United States not taking action if they have received intelligence about an imminent attack? Is an attack imminent?

Ted says the Chinese attack against the United States was part of an elaborate plot by Joe Biden and Bill Gates. He also claims that Chinese-American spy agents, politicians who sympathize with the Chinese Communist Party, as well as the Chinese Communist Party, were involved.

Bill Gates is, for instance, the largest landowner of the United States. He owns around 270,000 acres in dozens of different states. Ted thinks Bill Gates owning productive farmland in dozens of states will be a factor in the coming crisis.

The Chinese government also buys – or attempts to buy – farmland in the United States. The Chinese government cannot directly purchase US land. Instead, it uses shell companies to buy the land. The shell corporations have different registrations but are using Chinese money. They can trace their roots back to the Chinese government.

The Chinese government will, at some future date, launch an EMP to kick-start the Final Famine. This EMP will destroy electronics in the United States, and cause widespread chaos.


What is an EMP? Does China really plan to attack the United States using an EMP in order to cause a famine?

Teddy claims he has recently discovered intelligence that China is planning to bomb the United States using an electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP).

An EMP weapon can destroy all electronic equipment when it is detonated. This pulse of energy creates a electromagnetic field which short-circuits all electronic equipment within its range. Phones, computers, power stations, plane electronics, and other electronics are all instantly disabled.

China would not need to launch several EMPs in order to destroy electronic equipment across the United States. A single EMP would be enough to destroy the majority of electronics across the United States. According to Washington State Department of Health a 1.4 Megaton Bomb launched 250 miles above Kansas would “destroy most of the electronic equipment that was not protected throughout the continental United States.”

The United States conducted a nuclear test in 1962, at an altitude 250 miles above Johnston Island. This bomb destroyed streetlights and fuse boxes on Oahu, and other Hawaiian Islands located 800 miles from the blast.

According to Teddy’s intelligence sources China plans to launch a similar assault on the United States within the next few months.

The Bill HR 7892 aims to reduce Chinese influence

Why doesn’t America do anything to stop Chinese ambitions? Why is the United States not taking action if they have intelligence that suggests an imminent attack?

Teddy believes that America is fighting back with a bill named HR 7892. Teddy claims that some American politicians who are sympathetic towards China (or compromised spying for China) oppose the bill.

Here’s what the United States is doing to fight back, including through HR 7892.

America is aware of the growing influence of China. Politicians have created HR 7892 in an effort to reduce Chinese influence within the United States.

The bill was introduced in 2022. It has been heard several times. The bill is still in active status.

Bill HR 7892 prohibits people connected to the Chinese government buying agricultural land in America. Teddy says agents of the Chinese Government are buying land in America to worsen a future famine.

The Chinese government still finds ways to purchase land in the United States despite the efforts of HR 7892. Shell corporations registered in other countries are used to buy land secretly.

Teddy blames politicians as well for the delay of HR 7892. Grace Meng is a New York congresswoman whom Teddy dislikes. Teddy does not call Grace Meng, a Chinese spy. However, he says that Grace Meng (a born American) has suspicious family connections to the Chinese Government. Grace’s parents emigrated to the United States in the 1980s from Taiwan.

In the end, some parts of US government fight back against Chinese influence through bills such as HR 7892. The longer the bill is delayed, the more land China can buy in the United States.

Final Famine: Topics covered

Final Famine includes a section on “electroponics”, a home gardening system that can be built in a small area, such as a deck, backyard or closet.

This electroponics system allows you to grow delicious and nutritious food at home, without having to rely on the crumbling US supply.

Final Famine covers a wide range of topics.


  • Prepare yourself for an attack by China on the United States with these step-by-step preparations.
  • Create your own electroponics systems in order to grow more food faster and in any environment. A step-by-step manual is provided to help you create your own home-based electroponics system. This system can be built by anyone, even without any gardening experience.
  • Three beloved foods are on the verge of becoming unaffordable to everyday Americans. Stock up now and freeze these foods before they skyrocket in price.
  • All famines have one thing in Common. Knowing what it is will make you the leader of the neighborhood if things turn bad.
  • Hydration that you will need in an urgent situation, and how to secure an unlimited supply at home using only a bucket and garden hose. This tutorial will show you how to build a safe water supply.
  • Keep your family happy and healthy even though the world is starving. Feed them nutritious foods to maintain energy and morale, while America falls around them.
  • This guide can help you avoid standing in long government lines for bread when a crisis hits or fighting with your neighbors over scraps of food.
  • Before disaster strikes, you can cut your food costs. You should also prepare for unplanned events.
  • How you can survive a six-month famine happily and safely. Ted Daniels says that the US government has quietly prepared for the next six-month famine. You should be ready for worst case scenarios.
  • Enjoy unlimited delicious and nutritious food while millions of Americans suffer from starvation.
  • A defense System Anyone can use it to protect their families – regardless of whether they are familiar with firearms and weapons.
  • Keep your food under the radar to prevent hungry neighbors from stealing your money, assets, or food.

How to build your own electroponics system for an endless supply of food

The Final Famine eBook includes a guide that shows you how to build an electroponics home system.

Even if you don’t have any gardening experience or are not handy, you can learn how to create your own system of electroponics to grow food in your garden.

Teddy says that electronic gardening can be helpful to you.

  • Faster than traditional gardening, you can grow food.
  • You can grow large quantities of food in small places, such as closets.
  • Indoors or outdoors, you can grow food.
  • Create your own garden system for an apartment, house, condo or any other place.

What is “electroponics?” Is it possible to grow food in your home, no matter how small the space?

The term “Electroponics”, which is used in gardening, is not common. Teddy seems to have coined the term, and that’s fine.

Most people call it “electroculture” gardening, which uses electronic devices to stimulate plant growth. The system is based on research that shows some plants can produce more when they are stimulated by electricity.

One report that was published in Nature compared the growth of electrified and non-electrified peas. Researchers found that electrified seeds germinated quicker and produced more peas compared to non-electrified plants.

Teddy’s Electroponics System is based on the same concept. Electricity can be used to grow plants and increase yields at home. This will help you to create an unlimited supply of food.

To build your own home electroponics system, you don’t require any previous experience in electrical work, gardening, or construction. You can follow Final Famine’s step-by-step instructions.

The Red Dragon Report: Free Bonus E-Book

Ted bundles all Final Famine orders with a bonus eBook entitled The Red Dragon Report as part of his 2023 promotion.

Ted is not a fan China. He says that Grace Meng, a US politician who is sympathetic to China and has an impact on the United States’ security, is one of those politicians.

Ted has claimed to have received intelligence reports that reveal more details about China’s attack plan on the United States.

The Red Dragon Report covers a wide range of topics, including:

The dirty details of China’s attack on the United States. This includes how an EMP operates, when China will strike, and what you can expect in the days leading up to the attack.

Why America’s grid is especially vulnerable to EMP attacks.

You need to use a copper blanket to protect your electronics from the upcoming EMP attack by China.

What China intends to do with the farmland it has purchased in the United States.

The spy in your bedroom or how the Chinese Government uses a simple household appliance to commit bank fraud, theft and other crimes.

The “radio” from the 1980s will stop Chinese spying for good.

Ted Daniels explains why China plans to launch “concentration camps for Christians” and why it is important to take action against China now.

Why should you immediately stop eating food from Chinese restaurants (Ted claims that Chinese restaurants serve dog meat disguised in beef).

The Red Dragon Report provides a comprehensive breakdown of China’s attack plan on the United States. Ted explains the attack’s plan, what you can expect, and why China is a evil empire.


Final Famine Pricing

Final Famine costs $67 as a one-time payment. Final Famine is included in your purchase, as well as the bonus eBook The Red Dragon Report. Shipping is always free.

How to calculate the price when you order online today

Final Famine and The Red Dragon Report : $67

Ted says he does not care about money and originally wanted to give Final Famine away for free. He charges this price to cover hosting costs and keep his website up and running, which has become more difficult since he attacked the Chinese government and US officials.

Ted and his team created Final Famine deliberately as an eBook in order to make it more easily shared. Final Famine is not a physical book. It’s an eBook or PDF. The eBook can be downloaded to any device and printed.

Two additional upsells are available on the Final Famine checkout to increase your chances of surviving. These offers include:

Surviving Seed Vault (+$39). The Survival Seed vault is a collection of seeds that you can use in an emergency to create your own garden. You will receive 100% heirloom American seeds. You can also replant them over and over, providing you and your family with a constant supply of nutritious food. The Survival Seed Vault will help you stay active and healthy, no matter what happens to America’s food supplies. Each Survival Seed vault contains 20 different varieties of fruits, vegetables and grains packed in mylar resealable for long-term storage.

Final Famine Bug Out bag (+$179). This bag contains 60+ essential survival items that you can use in the event of an unexpected event. The bag contains 2400 calorie bars, emergency drinking pouches, first aid essentials and a motion-activated light to detect intruders. It also includes a commandosaw, an instafire pocket, a folding camping stove and other tools that can help you survive an unexpected event, such as a Chinese EMP on the United States.

Final Famine Refunds Policy

Final Famine comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Final Famine for any reason, you can ask for a full refund.

Final Famine is a digital product, so you don’t need to return anything. Contact the company directly to get your refund. Ted refers to it as his “never go hungry” money-back guarantee.

Ted Daniels

Ted Daniels, a retired United States Army member and former police officer, is an American. Teddy became famous after online footage of him bravely fighting the Taliban on the hills of Afghanistan and escaping safely with his squad.

Ted launched his online store today with a selection of survival guides, food emergency supplies and other products.

Teddy says he continues to have intelligence sources in the United States military and government, who warned him that an attack is imminent. Teddy’s intelligence led him to act today to protect his fellow Americans.

Teddy has registered Famine Fighter as his business name. The company is registered in Delaware.

Contact Famine Fighter’s customer service via the following methods:

  • Phone: 1-844-842-9791
  • Email:

Final Word

Final Famine, an eBook, is a collection tips, tricks and strategies that you can use to reduce your reliance on US food systems.

Discover how you can grow your own “electroponics system” at home to ensure a constant supply of food, or how to protect your loved ones from the unexpected during the “final famine”, which is coming to the United States.

Visit the official website to learn more about Final Famine and buy the eBook today.

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