Top Michelin Star Restaurants In Las Vegas

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Top Michelin Star Restaurants In Las Vegas: Indulge In The Fine Dine Experience of The Sin City


Nestled in the state of Nevada, USA Las Vegas is known for its eclectic nightlife and luxurious casinos and hotels. Las Vegas is a Spanish word that means “ the meadows”, the city was named so because of the abundance of wild grasses and desert spring waters. Las Vegas is also home to top Michelin-star restaurants that are renowned for their world-class dining scene. For those who have a taste for fine dining, Las Vegas restaurants offer a symphony of flavors curated by world-renowned chefs. 

Let's begin with the culinary adventure to the Michelin star fine dining restaurants in Las Vegas.


Culinary Adventure To The Fine Dine Restaurants of  Las Vegas Begins!

Joel Robuchon 

Michelin Star Rating: 3 Star

Location: MGM Grand, Las Vegas


Joel Robuchon is a French restaurant located in the lobby of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The restaurant is named after the French chef Joel Robuchon who was known for his innovative cooking skills. It is the only restaurant in Vegas that has received the highest Michelin star rating. This restaurant is all about exquisite French fine dining and a sophisticated atmosphere. The meticulously crafted menu, impeccable services,  and elegant ambiance create a perfect space for memorable dining experience.

Dress Code: Formal Attire

Signature Dishes: Le Cavier Imperial, Le Homard, Le Callie en Cocotte


Restaurant Guy Savoy 

Michelin Star Rating: 2 Star

Location: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas


Restaurant Guy Savoy is a French restaurant located in Caesars Palace. It is considered the most romantic restaurant in Las Vegas. The contemporary decor of the restaurant radiates refined elegance and luxury. The professional staff’s impeccable service attention to detail and warm hospitality elevate the entire dining experience. The opulent venue of the restaurant along with the curated selection of dishes offers a truly unforgettable dining experience. 

Dress code: Smart Casual Attire

Signature Dishes: Colors of Caviar, Artichoke Truffle Soup, Roasted Veal Chop, Chocolate Fondant



Michelin Star Rating: 2 Star

Location: Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas


Picasso is located within the premises of the Bellagio Hotel. The dining hall of this Michelin-star restaurant has an impressive collection of original paintings and sculptures of the world-renowned painter Picasso. Picasso’s menu is all about traditional Spanish cuisine. Every dish is a masterpiece made with seasonal ingredients with authentic flavors. The innovative cooking techniques of Chef Julian Serrano elevate the taste of dishes to new heights. With breathtaking ambiance and sophisticated decor, guests are offered an unparalleled dining experience.

Dress Code: Smart Casual Attire

Signature Dishes: Warm Quail Salad, Lamb Rack, Pea Seared Sea Scallops


Le Cirque 

Michelin Star Rating: 1 Star

Location: Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas


Le Cirque is located within the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. This Michelin-star restaurant is known for bringing culinary traditions of French cuisine to Las Vegas. The restaurant has a European circus-themed setting with a maintained and refined sophisticated atmosphere. The menu of the restaurant is inspired by French cuisine with a modern twist. The menu includes a variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts that are made with fine locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant also offers the facility of private dining with customized menu options.

Dress Code: Smart Casual Attire

Signature Dishes: Tuna Tartare, Lobster Salad, Beef Wellington

Weng Lie

Michelin Star Rating: 1 Star

Location: Boulevard South, Las Vegas


Weng Li is the first Chinese restaurant to earn a Michelin star in the USA. The restaurant is renowned for its upscale dining and exceptional services. The decor of the restaurant is inspired by classical Chinese jewel boxes. The restaurant serves a wide variety of Chinese cuisines like Cantonese, Shanghai, and Szechuan dishes. The restaurant is led by Chef Ming Yu who is known for his expertise in Chinese cuisines. During the Chinese New Year and Christmas, the restaurant offers dim sum buffets and seafood towers. 

Dress Code: Business Casual Attire

Signature Dishes: Peking Duck, Free Range Chicken, Duck Fried Rice, Five Spice creme brulee


Micahel Mina

Michelin Star Rating: 1 Star

Location: Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas


Michale Mina is a part of a restaurant group started by celebrity chef Micahel Mina. It is known for serving the best seafood cuisines in Las Vegas. The restaurant boasts an elegant and sophisticated ambiance with modern decor and upscale furnishings. The menu of the restaurant offers a selection of premium dishes curated by Chef Mina. Micahel Mina is a popular restaurant among seafood enthusiasts in Las Vegas. The restaurant's upscale service and professional staff elevate the entire dining experience to new heights. 

Dress Code: Business Casual Attire

Signature Dishes: Ahi Tuna Tartare, Lobster Pot Pie, Lobster Potstickers


Las Vegas houses various Michelin-star restaurants that offer unique and unparalleled dining experiences. From classic French cuisines to spicy Chinese cuisines the expertly crafted menu of these restaurants has something to cater to every taste palate. Whether you are looking to spend a romantic evening with your loved one or simply want to go on a culinary adventure these Micheline star restaurants of Las Vegas offer a culinary experience like no other. 


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