How Can Switch Several MSG Files into PST Format? Simple Fix

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Hi there, users! Do you need a way to change the bulk msg file to pst file format? Have you ever considered using the manual method for the same? Here, I suggest the simplest way for you to convert several MSG files to PST format.

MSG is a mail message file format that Exchange and Microsoft Outlook use. Microsoft Outlook is the first program that springs to mind when a user needs to open an MSG file. Outlook data for POP3, IMAP, and web-based email accounts is stored in PST files, which are Microsoft Outlook personal folder files. These files contain all of the mail folders and data items that are contained within them. How can I convert multiple.msg files to.pst, I wonder now? As a result, this blog will teach you all how to import several MSG files into an Outlook PST.

I'll discuss the manual solution first, followed by a suitable backup plan.

Rapid Resolution: Multiple MSG files can be exported to PST format with the use of ZOOK MSG to PST Converter.

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Learn How to Manually Switch Several MSG Files to PST Format.

To import.msg files into a.pst file, use these two methods.

·         The Drag and Drop Technique.

·         Copy and Paste Technique.


The Drag-and-Drop Technique

To convert several MSG files to the PST file format, follow these instructions. There are three easy procedures you must follow in order to import an MSG file into Outlook in PST file format:

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Outlook first, and then make a new folder called anything you like (MSG file).

 Step2: Following the creation of a new folder. Drag and drop the.msg files you've selected into a new folder.

 Step 3: You can notice that all of the files have been successfully converted into.pst file format and contain all of the information related to files with attachments after dropping that file into a new folder.

 The Copy-and-Paste Technique

This is the second manual way, and it's rather simple to import.msg files into an Outlook.pst file.

Launch Microsoft Outlook first, enter the information for their Gmail account, and then begin the process.

Step 1: Copy the relevant files from the folder where the.msg files are saved.

Step 2: To obtain the output file, just paste the copied.msg file into the appropriate location.

While converting numerous.msg files to.pst files, you could run into several limits with these manual approaches. Its shortcomings include low conversion speed, difficulty converting large numbers of.msg files to the.pst file format, and incompatibility of older files with the most recent version of Outlook. Not every situation like this can be solved with this solution.

I suggest a better way to convert multiple.msg files to the.pst file format in Outlook in order to solve this issue.

The Best & Alternative Method for Converting Several MSG Files to PST Format

using a professional solution is the Better Approach toConvert Multiple MSG file to PST file in Outlook. One such program that can convert multiple MSG files into PST is ZOOK MSG to PST Converter. Transferring MSG files in Outlook becomes simple and requires no further installation. It works with every Windows OS version. Furthermore, our MSG to PST converter allows you to convert.msg files and opens them in any version of Outlook without encountering any compatibility problems.



This post will explain simple, cost-free methods for converting large MSG files to PST files. However, there are times when manual remedies have limitations. A user can utilize the MSG to PST Converter, a streamlined, dependable, and quick fix, to get rid of these kinds of problems. Converting several MSG files to PST files at once will be quite beneficial. Since experts have selected these programs, users won't have any trouble completing this activity.




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