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StrictionD is a unique formula that's proven clinically to help Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels, Reduce Your Blood Pressure, Boost Your Metabolism, and Strengthens Overall Heart Health naturally and permanently.

StrictionD is a unique formula that's proven clinically to help Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels, Reduce Your Blood Pressure, Boost Your Metabolism, and Strengthens Overall Heart Health naturally and permanently.

What Is StrictionD Advanced Formula?

Striction D is an exciting new blood sugar management supplement that is potent and 100% natural. The secret lies in our unique formulation comprising five key ingredients: Ceylon Cinnamon, Crominex3+, GlucoHelp, Zinc, and Thiamine. They have been extensively studied to aid in maintaining the health of blood sugar levels as well as the healthy metabolism of sugar.

StrictionD Advanced Formula For Diabetes


StrictionD from Optimal Health Wellness is an expertly-designed blood sugar management supplement created to offer a secure healthy, natural, and efficient alternative to pharmaceutical medications. The secret lies in our innovative formulation that contains a specific form of Cinnamon that comes from Sri Lanka and combined with the best dosages of the most potent varieties from Crominex3+, GlucoHelp, Zinc Thiamine. Numerous studies on clinical trials have demonstrated the advantages of these ingredients that are natural to combat unhealthy blood sugar levels, and Optimal Health Wellness is happy to be capable of combining all of them to create our own StrictionD formula to help customers.

StrictionD Blood Sugar Ingredients

StrictionD was created using natural ingredients and a distinctive formulation developed by USA scientists. StrictionD ingredients enable users to slowly increase their glucose levels by making cells healthier. StrictionD contains the five most powerful natural ingredients. The ingredients are top quality and come from trusted manufacturers. Check Ingredients In StrictionD here:

Ceylon Cinnamon (1000MG Per Serving)

The primary ingredient of Striction D is top-quality natural Ceylon Cinnamon. Ceylon Cinnamon is known for its quality as "true Cinnamon," which is 100% safe and the one kind of Cinnamon that has been proven to improve the beta cell's hormonal reaction and metabolism of carbs without any adverse effects.

Crominex3+ (400MCG Per Serving)

Striction D has the most extensively studied dose of a patent-pending, purified version of Chromium known as Crominex3+. Essential to proper glucose metabolic health, Chromium can be essential to maintain a healthy functioning normal glucose metabolic. Utilizing Crominex3+ Striction D can provide the safest and most potent forms of Chromium - that has been proven clinically to boost the sensitivity of beta cells to hormones by 17%. This results in an increased insulin response to sugar which ultimately leads to lower blood sugar levels.

GlucoHelp (480MCG Per Serving)

Banaba leaf, which is indigenous from Sri Lanka, has been extensively used in holistic medicine to treat blood sugar problems for a long. Striction D is based on the GlucoHelp extract - a purified form from banaba leaves that has been proven clinically that can help reduce blood sugar levels by as much as 30 percent. It also has antioxidants that aid in the transfer of glucose into the cells as well as normalizing blood sugar levels and levels of sugar-fighting hormones.

Zinc (15MG Per Serving)

Zinc is a vital mineral that is required to ensure the production of beta cells and secretion. Numerous studies have demonstrated that those with irregular blood sugar levels have low levels of zinc in their blood. Zinc supplements can help boost glucose levels. Striction D has 100% of the body's daily zinc intake and adds to its power.

Thiamine (1.5MG Per Serving)

Thiamine is a vital mineral that is required for the healthy metabolism of proteins, fats, and, most importantly, carbohydrates. Studies have revealed that those with more irregular blood sugar levels and those with metabolic problems are usually deficient in this essential mineral. It has been proven clinically to support a healthy metabolic process; Thiamine could lead to more stable blood sugar levels as well as increased energy. Striction D is a complete source of the body's daily intake of thiamine. This is the ideal amount of thiamine to combat any deficiencies and make the most benefit from this vital mineral.

StrictionD Blood Sugar Ingredients Label


How Do I Use StrictionD?

As per StrictionD Ingredients Label, Take two capsules daily. Take one capsule in the morning with breakfast and one pill with dinner.

How Does StrictionD Work?

StrictionD is primarily used to regulate sugar levels and improve metabolism. StrictionD enhances insulin sensitivity and reduces or regulates blood sugar levels as well as maintains cholesterol levels. It also lowers the risk of developing heart disease at the same time.

If you have lost control over the blood sugar levels, this could lead to a variety of metabolic syndrome-related complications, such as metabolic syndrome. StrictionD healthy habits assists you in controlling sugar levels and makes sure that the levels do not exceed the thresholds.

The supplement StrictionD contains a particular and unique version that contains Ceylon Cinnamon to remove the toxic substances in the liver and pancreas and decrease the blood sugar levels and regulate it in a healthy way. It also helps enhance cardiovascular health.

StrictionD Super ingredients (Thiamine, Zinc, Crominex3+, Ceylon Cinnamon, Ceylon Cinnamon) are mixed in a sophisticated formula that can help keep blood sugar levels at a healthy level by continuous usage. Striction D is an antioxidant that has been proven to reduce LDL cholesterol and enhance metabolism.

StrictionD Amazon

StrictionD Amazon is currently unavailable. StrictionD is no longer available on Amazon. You can purchase StrictionD via the OFFICIAL WEBSITE instead of Amazon.

StrictionD Walmart

StrictionD Walmart is currently unavailable.

What Does StrictionD Cost?

We cannot provide prices that are current or beyond. StrictionD pricing is often subject to change because of the constant costs of the top-quality exotic ingredients that are used in Striction D and demand and supply. To ensure the best price, make sure you secure your order as soon as possible.

In Which Countries Can StrictionD Be Purchased?

StrictionD is available in the United States of America and Canada.

StrictionD Where To Buy

We recommend you to buy StrictionD from the OFFICIAL WEBSITE of the manufacturers. Because the manufacturer's website offers a refund policy, you can not buy it from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, CVS, GNC, Walgreens, or other stores.

Is StrictionD FDA Approved?

StrictionD FDA data is not available on the maker site. StrictionD supplement is made and manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified and FDA-registered facility. It uses the latest equipment and follows strict and sterile standards in order to make quality products.

Side Effects Of StrictionD

Striction D is a completely natural formulation that is free of any known side consequences for use on a daily basis. It is safe to use Striction D for the time you need to reach your goals.

Striction D is made from natural ingredients that are considered to be safe and highly efficient for almost everyone. If you are taking prescribed medications or suffer from an illness, it is recommended that you present the container of Striction D to your doctor or pharmacist to get their approval. You are able to return it by using our 30-day Money Return Guarantee.

StrictionD Pros

  • StrictionD supplement contains all-natural and powerful ingredients.
  • StrictionD helps to maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • StrictionD encourages Healthy Insulin Response.
  • StrictionD pills support Healthy blood sugar levels.
  • StrictionD capsules help lower the blood sugar level.
  • StrictionD helps to promote a healthy metabolism.
  • StrictionD is strengthening the overall health of your heart.

StrictionD Cons

  • StrictionD is not available on Amazon, eBay, CVS, GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, or other superstores.

Shipping, Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer of StrictionD healthy habits delivers your order to your office or home with a premium shipping service like FedEx or USPS, and you will receive your order to arrive between 5 and 7 business days.

Striction D's satisfaction is our top priority. Our innovative formula, based on research, uses only the best raw materials and is produced using processes that surpass NSF Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in an FDA-approved facility. It will eventually undergo rigorous quality tests both internally and independently to ensure purity and potency prior to getting to your door. If you're not happy with your purchase in any way, simply call us within 30 days after receiving your order to avail of our 100% Satisfaction Warranty.

StrictionD Contact

For questions regarding StrictionD order placement, processing, and delivery, please contact our customer service department at


To conclude, StrictionD is a supplement for diabetics to regulate blood sugar levels and to maintain an appropriate metabolism. According to StrictionD reviews, the pills for diabetes are natural, safe, and effective in addition to regulating blood sugar levels as well as assisting in healthy metabolism. Additionally, it improves the sensitivity of beta-cell production and hormones. It is vegan, completely natural, efficient, and safe. You must test StrictionD at least once.

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