How to Fix A Broken Xbox 360

Don't make the mistake I made. If you're emailing me saying "my Xbox 360 is broken" be careful, because I wrote this article for people like me.


 Your broken Xbox 360 could be the reason your habit needs a break, but now that you know it's not your fault, how do you fix a broken Xbox 360? Because I learned that the hard way and for over $140 cheaper. Y Interesting, the main reason this 3 red light fix works, is because it doesn't require new parts, it just involves a simple, easy, and permanent fix. This is a permanent fix, meaning your Xbox 360 saves a ton of money, because the options to fix it are always being looked at. This guide is like a walk through of each step in fixing your Xbox 360. This guide is getting some excellent feedback, and believe it or not, some people even came back and gave it a second opinion.Generally, each testimonial is given a star rating. The lower the star rating, the better, the guide seems more professional and that the fix works. Because of the 4 star rating, the guide is the best guide currently on the market for fixing your Xbox 360.Five Stars - Great guide, very complete, very helpful.

One Star - Probably not a great guide because some users weren't exactly happy they used it. The guide still worked for about a week for most people.

Two Stars - Not really into the fix, and definitely not a fix that you will use.

Three Stars - Might as well just stay away, as it only works for a few people and definitely has a low success rate.

Conclusion:Now we look at the Pro's and Con's of fixing your Xbox 360.

Pro's:The guide works, and it works for a few people.

Con's:None. Just a huge hassle.

Bottom line:The complete opposite of the guide above. The guide is practically useless. It can be useful if you do find yourself a glitchy Xbox or a problem with the Xbox freezing. However, if you can't fix the system the cause of the problem, it pretty much wasted your money and time. It doesn't save you a lot of money to just buy a new Xbox, and even if you were able to fix it, there is no guarantee of a brand new system. Up until you have the guide to support you, this Xbox 360 e74 guide is all you will need to fix your system.

Just be careful, as with any fix that you try on your own, you might just do more damage than good. Also, the red lights and the e74 error message are not the kind of problems you want to have to deal with. If the red lights come up, the best thing to do is to fix the power supply unit, another issue that is all to common with the console. By luck, yours might be unique and your Xbox might not need new parts. Otherwise, you might end up spending a lot of money and it can be a pain waiting for Microsoft to send it back. Microsoft's holiday rush is making it near impossible to order or receive your Xbox system within the next few weeks. If you get the Xbox 360 e74 fix, you can have your system before the rush hits, and still have it before you know it. This has proven to fix the majority of problems, even the freakiest problems, and it will save you a lot of time and money. You won't have to wait or spend much when fixing your system, just a small amount for a lifetime Silver membership.