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Maxwell GeoSystems are experienced Geotechnical Engineers with decades of boots-on-the-ground experience of major construction and infrastructure projects.


Maxwell GeoSystems are experienced Geotechnical Engineers with decades of boots-on-the-ground experience of major construction and infrastructure projects. We’re also Data Management Specialists who know how to acquire, process dynamically connect data to help project stakeholders make timely decisions, manage risk and optimise resources throughout the duration of a project.

At the core of our business is the innovative MissionOS - a powerful and flexible data management system for the acquisition, monitoring and analysis of geotechnical and other project-related data.

MissionOS integrated sensor monitoring, construction data and BIM information within a real-time environment to enable engineers to quickly analyze data with a minimum of processing for demolition, construction or post construction phases.

As designs for taller and more architecturally ambitious towers structures grow, so does the challenge of conventional construction techniques. Constructors now have to take into account ambient movements due to temperature and wind as well as the complex interaction of dynamic and static movements as the structure 

comes under temporary and permanent loads. Real time instrumentation is now commonly adopted to extend conventional surveying to monitor performance and adjust the construction stage to stage. Whilst this is possible using conventional techniques it is labor intensive and prone to human error. Enter MissionOS. Not only can MissionOS handle all the processing in real time and present reports, it can also provide predictive tools based on construction progress and calculate derived parameters. Since MissionOS also tracks the production progress, quality and performance for each structural element such as pile, column or beam, from bottom to top architects and engineers can finally have a one stop shop for all the project data. The shift reporting module with cycle tracking is helpful to ensure the progress and quality aligns with expectation and prediction during the construction process. MissionOS is also BIM ready provides a readily accessible online environment for 3D Structural Health Monitoring and Analysis.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Real-time display of readings for any type of sensor.
  • Collect the data from sensors automatically and remotely.
  • Create,send and archive the reports by using a system scheduler automatically.
  • Auto SMS, E-mail, or AAA alarms - responses logged via web log
  • Import design predictions and show performance against predicted behavior with time.
  • Monitor the sensors' working status
  • Combined 3D modeling of readings, structural elements and BIM
  • Floor-by-floor display to locate the instruments and structural elements in 2
  • Shift reporting to record and tracking the progress and quality for construction period
  • Group sub-job as single column, pile or beam to have a general assessment on activities of piling and other installations.
  • Definable meta-data models attached to activities track QA/QC of construction in a fully audit-able structured way

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