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A crucial piece of equipment in Elden Ring is called the Cursemark of Death


A crucial piece of equipment in Elden Ring is called the Cursemark of Death. It is not only required for one of the game's six possible endings, but it is also connected to two of the game's primary questlines, so it is important to complete.



In order for players of Elden Ring to advance through the story and unlock the Duskborn Ending, they will need to obtain the Cursemark of Death. This is a very crucial piece of equipment that is used throughout the game. The acquisition of this item is not a straightforward endeavor because it requires making significant headway in Ranni's quest. You will need to defeat some extremely challenging bosses in the Elden Ring and venture into some of the more dangerous areas of the Lands Between in order to finish her questline. Both of these things can be found in the Lands Between.

In this world, the location atop the Divine Tower of Liurnia, which can be found to the east of the Artist's Shack, is where one can find the spot where the Cursemark of Death can be found. On the other hand, in order to climb the tower, one must first be in possession of the item that is required. The Inverted Carian Statue is required for this, and the only way to obtain it is by completing the questline that Ranni provides. The statue cannot be acquired through any other means.


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The beginning of the quest chain can be found in Renna's Rise, which is located in Liurnia beyond Caria Manor and can be accessed through Liurnia. It is essential for the player to make their way there before continuing. In order for you to accomplish this goal, you will need to be victorious over the boss, Royal Knight Loretta.

Those who have been tarnished will be able to begin Ranni's questline and communicate with her once Ranni's Rise is made available to the general public and Ranni's Rise has been released. The player will have the option to speak with Blaidd at Siofra River; however, they can also choose to skip that part and proceed directly to Radahn (although doing so will result in the player missing out on some lore and character interactions). Alternatively, the player can choose to speak with Blaidd at Siofra River and then proceed directly to Radahn. The player also has the option to speak with Blaidd at the Siofra River and then head straight to Radahn after their conversation with him.

It is not possible to avoid engaging Starscourge Radahn in battle and ultimately defeating him; doing so is a requirement. There is no way to avoid this obligation. As soon as that task has been finished, a new region of Limgrave will be available for players to investigate and discover. It will be possible to descend into the crater that will appear to the west of Fort Haight and reach Nokron once you do so. This crater will appear.

When you have reached that point in the game's storyline, you should start looking for the Fingerslaying Blade. Until the Tarnished have proven themselves worthy of victory over the Mimic Tear Boss, they will be unable to access this area of the map. Within the realm of Azeroth, to the north of the Night's Sacred Ground Site of Grace lies a large chest that has been carefully concealed. Inside the depths of this chest is where you will find the Fingerslaying Blade. Please be aware that in the not too distant future, Mimic Tears will be conducting heavy patrols in this area of the map.

Once Elden Ring gold has been determined that it is possible to obtain the Fingerslaying Blade, you should immediately bring it to Ranni at Renna's Rise as soon as you have it in your possession. After that, she will demonstrate her gratitude by bestowing the Carian Inverted Statue upon the Tarnished as a memento of the occasion. Even though she has not yet accomplished her mission, Buy Elden Ring Runes PC is possible to find and acquire the Cursemark of Death with the assistance of the Carian Royal Statue.

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If the Tarnished are in possession of the statue, then they will have the ability to ascend the Divine Tower of Liurnia all the way to the very top where mage build elden ring is located. They are going to find the body of Ranni there, in addition to the Mark of Death, which is a curse that is placed on anyone who comes into contact with it. If the player does not continue forward with Fia's questline, then this item is completely useless to them, and they should get rid of it as soon as possible.

In order to complete Fia's questline, the player must interact with her multiple times at Roundtable Hold and give her permission to hug them at least once. Fia will ask permission to hug the player at least once. In addition, the player is required to give Fia at least one opportunity to hug them. At some point in the future, she will be given the option to select the line of dialogue that reads, "May I ask a favor?"at a later time in the not too distant future.

If the player chooses to proceed in this manner, she will be required to hand over a Weathered Dagger and make a request that it be given back to the person who had previously been in possession of it. The player must select this path in order for the quest to proceed further. There is no other option available. The next step is to have a conversation with D, and after that, you should hand the dagger over to him. By the time we get back to the Roundtable Hold after the short break, Fia will have successfully eliminated D. After you have finished speaking with her, the area that she was previously able to access will no longer be available to her.

The Tarnished will need to make their way to the Deeproot Depths, which are located below the Erdtree, in order to rekindle their relationship with Fia and make use of the Cursemark of Death. The Deeproot Depths can be found at the base of the Erdtree. In order for the player to reach that location, they will first need to vanquish the two brave gargoyles that are standing guard over the Siofra Aqueduct, and then they will have to ride a coffin. The Siofra Aqueduct is protected by the gargoyles at all times. Within the vast area known as the Deeproot Depths, you will find Fia to the north of the Site of Grace that is Across the Roots. The Deeproot Depths is a region that can be accessed by traveling Across the Roots.

In order for the player to advance through the quest, they will first need to vanquish Fia's champions, which will require them to fight multiple invaders controlled by NPCs. There will be a total of five enemies to face during the course of the quest. After you have vanquished them, you need to report to Fia and then choose the appropriate option from the menu. I'd much rather have someone hold me than anything else, that much is certain. While she is embracing him, she will tell the Tarnished that he is keeping an eye out for the Mark of Death's Curse. This will take place while she is still holding him in her arms. If she is successful in finding it, it will be of great assistance to her in resurrecting Godwyn. If she cannot find it, she will not be able to resurrect Godwyn.

If you continue to hug Fia after she has already been marked with the Cursemark, she will be subjected to its effects once more. When the player has exhausted all of her possible avenues of conversation, she will eventually fall asleep, at which point the player will have the opportunity to interact with her in order to enter the Deathbed Dream. When the player has exhausted all of her potential avenues of conversation, she will eventually fall asleep.

It is necessary to achieve victory over Lichdragon Fortissax, the ultimate boss of her questline, in order to reach the conclusion of the storyline. Following the completion of the boss fight, the player will be able to loot the Mending Rune of Death from Fia's body. This is something that can be accomplished once the final boss has been vanquished. In order to access the Duskborn Ending, you will need to make use of this item before the game comes to a close.

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