MBBS In Iran

RMC Educational Services Center was established in the year 2000 and we are considered one of the leading MBBS Consultants abroad.


MBBS in Iran offers a medical degree that is accepted all over the world. MBBS in Iran is a wonderful place where people treat others with patience and hospitality. It is a country known for its dynamic and prosperous centers.

NEET is an entrance exam for Indian and Kashmiri students who wish to pursue MBBS in Iran for any graduate medical course, dental course (BDS), or postgraduate course (MD / MS) in government or private medical colleges in India.

So students can choose Iran for their MBBS medical degree program. A special feature of MBBS in Iran is the coverage offered throughout the country. Therefore, MBBS in Iran is a great place for students from different countries to pursue their medical education in a hassle-free environment.


Advantages of Studying MBBS in Iran

The advantages of studying MBBS in Iranian universities include:

There are no additional fees or additional costs for admission.

No gift is required.

Simple enrollment process

A payment system that is reasonably priced

Affordable living costs

Global recognition and exposure

The weather is pleasant.

MBBS students in Iran have access to high-quality educational resources.

In Iran, MBBS has established a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

In Iran, MBBS consists of academic buildings attached to dormitory structures where students can stay.

In Iran, MBBS students have the opportunity to learn from highly qualified and skilled lecturers.

Testing laboratories are well equipped in MBBS in Iran.

Universities in Iran have large libraries with a wide range of textbooks, reference books, periodicals, editorials, encyclopedias and other non-fiction literature to help students expand their knowledge.

Students who study MBBS in Iran get technical and high-quality information.

MBBS in Iran accepts applications from students from all over the world, resulting in a multicultural organization.

MBBS in Iran provides international students with airport pickup, travel accommodations, accommodation and international bank account establishment services during their enrolment.