Semnan University of Medical Sciences

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RMC Educational Services Center was established in the year 2000 and we are considered one of the leading MBBS Consultants abroad.

Semnan University of Medical Sciences (SEMUMS) is a prestigious university in Iran, located in the city of Semnan, about 240 km east of Tehran (the capital of Iran).

It was officially opened in 1987 and started its operations under the supervision of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences started with 60 students studying medicine. Within a year, Semnon's medical school became Semnan University of Medical Sciences.

Today, SEMUMS is ambitiously aiming to educate students in various medical fields and levels with great effort. It is recognized as one of the most important centres in the provision of health services in the Islamic Republic of Iran; Also, among the higher goals of the university, it strives to improve the medical knowledge of the community and train specialized health workers.


Why study MBBS at Semnan University of Medical Sciences?

If you want to pursue further education in medicine or other medical fields, Semnan University of Medical Sciences is a great place to start. With experienced staff and a well-organized campus, Semnan State Medical University offers affordable medical education to all students. Also, the university imparts practical knowledge through the use of innovative technology and well-equipped laboratories. There is no need to learn the local language as English is also the medium of education. No contribution fee is required for admission to Semnan State Medical University. Teachers give students one-on-one attention while studying or practising.

Teaching medical science to students

Conducting scientific research in many fields of medicine, health and therapy

Integrating education, research and therapeutic principles

Organizing scientific conferences in coordination with concerned authorities

Provide necessary faculty members and oversee effective implementation of academic, research and therapeutic affairs

Educate GPs and specialists in many aspects of clinical medicine to promote health

Collaborate with academic groups to provide continuing education to the provincial medical community
Training postgraduate students (MSc) to meet clinical and healthcare needs, as well as working with academic staff in the country's universities and research institutes. Conduct basic and applied research in basic and clinical sciences to meet healthcare needs and expand knowledge horizons, and provide solutions to current questions and problems through collaboration between academic groups, research centres, academic centres and universities.

Providing health and therapeutic services to hospitals and affiliated health facilities to provide an optimal environment for students and trainees

In collaboration with Semnan University of Medical Sciences and other universities in the country to educate students from various disciplines

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