Middle-Class Love Movie Review (2022) | Cast, Budget and Story

Middle-Class Love Movie Review - This story revolves around a guy who doesn't believe in saving money and wants to become the cool dude.


The movie, ‘Middle-Class Love’, features both middle-class drama and comedy, so audiences eagerly anticipated its release. There is a young guy who desires to leave this middle-class system and adopt something new to flourish. There is also a love triangle in the plot, but there are so many twists and humorous situations that you will have to watch the movie to find out.

The director of the movie is Ratnaa Sinha. He has created a movie that the audience will surely adore since he has the audience's pulse. There are numerous emotional situations in 'Middle-Class Love'. However, not all of them necessarily leave an impression on the audience. However, the well-written conversations, characters, and scenes keep the audience chuckling for the most part.

In this movie, Manoj Pahwa once again delivered a spectacular performance. He has demonstrated dramatic expressions that suit the character admirably. In Mussoorie, a beautiful location, the cinematographers have captured magnificent images. Drama and romance are effective enough in 'Middle-Class Love' to keep the viewer involved. The plot of the movie is not particularly original. However, it still fascinates the audience from the beginning and maintains their interest until the finish.

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