3 exercises for quadriceps that do not damage the knees

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The pain in the knee joint is one of the most common diseases that can be observed in gyms, along with shoulder pain. It is an injury that prevents us from getting the most out of our training and that even comes to despair to many users, frustrating them until leaving the sport.

The pain in the knee joint is one of the most common diseases that can be observed in gyms, along with shoulder pain. It is an injury that prevents us from getting the most out of our training and that even comes to despair to many users, frustrating them until leaving the sport.

The work of the quadriceps is essential if we want to stop suffering from this ailment, since strong legs will help the knee to eliminate impact.

Discover the 3 best quadriceps exercises to strengthen your knees without danger of damaging them.

Why is it important to strengthen the quadriceps?

You have been doing physical activity for a long time, but suddenly, one day you feel like the knee starts to creak in certain movements. You leave it, but instead of disappearing notes it becomes swollen and inflamed. It is the moment in which you realize that you have more serious damage than you thought at first, so you go to the doctor and the first thing that tells you is that you should take anti-inflammatories. After ingesting them, you notice that the inflammation begins to disappear, but the moment you leave them, the discomfort returns and you get desperate and start looking for other alternatives to treat the injury.

You go to the physiotherapist and he recommends strengthening the quadriceps , since a very strong quadriceps will remove tension to the knee and protect it from injuries. You sign up for the gym and you put yourself in the hands of the monitor. You tell him your situation and this suggests exercises to strengthen the legs. After a while working, you realize that not all the exercises feel as good to the articulation, so you start to choose the safest, which are the following.

3 quadriceps exercises to take care of your knees

  1. Quadriceps extension with shortened range of motion

The main recommendation that is usually made when going to a gym and asking for help to strengthen the quadriceps is to refer to the quadriceps extension machine. This machine is one of the few that make the cúadriceps work in isolation and with a monoarticular movement. But, when it comes to rehabilitating some knee injury, this machine must be adapted, since the full range of motion that these machines provide, can be detrimental to the knee.

You must perform the movement in its last angle, without making the complete descent. Many times the descent reaches a right angle of the knee. If the angle of movement can be adjusted in the machine of your gym, select a small angle, which only allows you to perform the last phase of the exercise. If, on the contrary, in your gym this machine is not adjustable, you must control the movement yourself.

With this exercise you will feel how it is the quadriceps that performs all the movement, so the effort will mainly rest on that musculature.

  1. Step ups Peterson

With this exercise we will look for a movement that allows to correctly align the knee with the ankle, to give stability to the joint. It is an exercise that involves much more musculature than the previous one, so it must be done with care.

  1. Stand on the side of a step or a step. One leg remains in support on the platform and the other stretched out of it.
  2. Try to bring the leg that is without support to the ground.
  3. Once you have gone down, control the movement in the climb.

It is recommended to work the exercise in front of a mirror, in order to be aware of the alignment of the knee at all times.

  1. Squat in trx

This exercise removes tension to the knee, so if there is any ailment in this joint it is advisable to start with it before starting in the free squats.

  1. Grab a trx with both hands and move back until it reaches the height of the head and arms are slightly flexed.
  2. Open your legs to the width of your shoulders and perform a squat, flexing your hips, helping you to maintain your weight with your arms.
  3. Lower to the lowest possible point, usually up to a right angle of the knee.
  4. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and return to the starting position.


If you have discomfort in the knee joint, the best way to eradicate those symptoms is to strengthen the muscles involved in the movement of the same. A stronger musculature will eliminate the impact and tension to be borne by the joint, so to a certain extent, it will protect it and keep it healthy.

To strengthen the musculature of the knee you must begin to perform leg exercises, but not all will be suitable for your joints, so we suggest you start by including these 3 exercises to continue progressing later and adding more variety of them.



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