People Still Love Printed Books

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The number of marketplace disruptions caused by the digital revolution has become the stuff of legend. But the book world stands as a notable exception. Book printing services remain in high demand as more than 80 percent of readers consume books in printed form. If you're self-publishing your work, still consider eBook and audiobook versions, but be realistic about their sales potential. In addition, younger people are showing a strong interest in books, and sales are growing. It's an interesting phenomenon because other printed media like newspapers and magazines are nearly obsolete.

Since most of your readers will be consuming your work in print, taking pains to publish a high-quality book matters. You could go the print-on-demand route or publish outside the system. It's easy to make a case for skipping on-demand if you can predict your sales and have opportunities to sell in bookstores. Because print-on-demand is a template-driven system, you'll need to fit within it with ramifications for your book. When you go with a full-service printer, there are many more options. You can print in a custom trim size, have enhanced cover stock, and have a unique binding like a spiral.

Most industry veterans advise authors publishing independently to access content preparation services that publishing houses would use. For example, hiring a professional book editor and cover designer is a must. Their expertise results in a polished product that competes well when shelved and sold against titles from big-time publishers. If you seek reviews, you want to put your best foot forward with a polished book. Anything less, and you'll open yourself up to unnecessary criticism that could be avoided. If earning revenue from your book sales is a consideration, quality matters with your book.

Most people today think of digital printing because it allows smaller print runs which self-publishers often prefer. But if your book takes off, take notice of the possibility of switching to offset. It requires you to print at least 2,000 copies but considerably reduces the per-copy cost. If profit margins are a consideration, you'll begin to earn better money when you print at a lower price. Book marketing and promotion programs, both online and with traditional media, can help spark book sales. Sometimes a media appearance only brings a little initially but then is posted online, resulting in sales activity. 

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