Cash Drawer

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Manual and Standard Cash Drawers by Master Distributors

Being the leaders in POS wholesale and distribution in Canada, Master Distributors offers cost-effective POS solutions for businesses of all sizes. We sell top-quality papers, labels, and hardware that translate into smooth, efficient, and productive operations for your business. 

We also have a wide range of Cash drawers, from manual drawers that are operated by a key to automatic cash drawers powered by a printer. Browse our collection of efficient cash drawers by leading manufacturers such as Star Micronics, APG, Panasonic, and many others. 

The high-speed productivity and performance improve your day-to-day business operations at affordable costs. Find great features like scanning and computer communications and select the best cash drawer that suits the needs of your establishment. 

Types of Cash Drawers

Master Distributors has the following types of cash drawers:

  • Manually Operated Cash Drawers

These drawers are operated by a key manually and are the best solution for micro establishments. 

  • Printer Powdered Cash Drawers

The most commonly used automatic drawer is operated by a printer and can be accessed after a sale is made and a receipt is printed. 

  • USB Cash Drawers

Operated by USB, which is connected to a POS terminal. 

  • Serial Cash Drawers

A standard POS terminal includes a 9-pin serial connection that communicates with the cash drawer and makes it operate when a transaction is completed. 

Buy Cash Drawers Online in Canada

Find the best cash drawers as per your operational and organizational needs at Master Distributors. From manual to standard cash drawers, we have everything to satisfy your POS hardware requirements. 

Visit our official website and browse the latest and best papers, custom labels, and POS hardware and boost your business productivity.