Benefits of Sending your child to a Preschool

hi you guys , we are here today to talk to you about the transition from having your child be at home with you to entering into like a daycare or preschool situation and I'm doing this because I'm getting so many moms writing me who are like I'm having the worst time I dr


spend some time and hang out ahead of the drop-off time what I also think is really important as the teacher is that when the time to go comes that the parent really decides um I usually ask hey Mom it seems like it's time for you to head to work is that is that right okay great can I take really good care of Ethan today is that okay and get you parents to say yes and like really in front of the child together transfer that authority over to me which is something that you can do whether or not that's part of a teacher's routine is you can that can be your cue for the teacher I'm ready to go to work I would love for you to be in charge and take really good care of him today awesome you so much and then whatever your little ritual is with your child squeezes hugs snuggles kisses when it's done you go and you like really do go and really like let that child be there and you know that that's that's my take and that there are very different takes in the world but I think it's really important for you to stand in the position of authority and not like top-down authority over your child but of like I'm the protector here and I picked a good safe thing for you.

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 and I'm demonstrating in the way that I'm doing this that this is good and safe I'm so confident in my decision that I'm actually gonna go yeah I think that provides the most safety yeah that's so good and you said in our podcast that the child is going to kind of sense your Assurance there even if you feel sad to see your little one sad they're gonna sense in you that you're all right and that they're all right they're safe you can say the things and you know Mommy always comes back something that in my family we have joked about is Daniel Tiger really cute little show they have a whole episode about how grown-ups come back and actually so helpful and in our house when like Jules cries Wilson I'll be like oh no grown-ups always come back and they sing the song and sometimes she said Wilson says like Jules needs to watch the episode to remember that grown-ups always come back so you could even watch something or read books about it when you're home so that they understand the concept that you leave but you always come back and that they're safe I also heard um recently of a mom who draws a heart on the little one's hand and then when they think of her they can kiss their hands .

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and then when they get home they can do all the kisses in real life I guess there's a book about that I've never seen the book but that's what they do and it's a cute strategy so you could do something like that you also said something yeah hopefully the teacher that you've just this wonderful teacher that you chose and just left your child with is doing all the things that you're describing okay at school with them yes okay that's cool that should be what's happening on the other end because um almost 100 of the time let's put it in the 90s sure that's somewhere in the 90s it takes a little bit child settles in the excellent Child Care Professionals that you've given them to know how to like help a child be cozy and then playfully kind of tease them out of that zone and get them in and then by mid-morning barely in in front living a life having a great time it may they may bring some more feelings to you at the end of the day but in that interim period I have been with hundreds of children who cried at the beginning .