Evaluate each aluminum phosphate test

Temperature range (from room temperature to 1550 degrees)C) and

At two partial pressures of oxygen (O2 in the atmosphere


Phosphate compounds are used in refractories

For strict service applications, include

Gasification, glass melting, metal processing;

Influence the strength and corrosion of refractory materials

Resistance. Phosphates and other things

Used for a refractory material, particle size determination and

Porous finished refractories. How about a refractories

Is manufactured and used for services, and furnaces

The environment (oxygen partial pressure and

Temperature) affects phosphate phase formation or

Existing during industrial service. The data will be

In terms of weight and phase change

Phosphate compounds (aluminum and

Orthophosphate) and comparison

Thermodynamic prediction to understand refractories

Behavior observed during use - information can

Used to improve the performance of refractory materials.

Phosphate in a

Given partial pressure of oxygen (in the example)

The partial pressure of oxygen is 10-10 ATM.

At about eight thirty

C stands for Aluminum metaphosphate

And 1220 oC is aluminum orthophosphate, with

The gaseous byproducts of the reaction are O2 and PI

(P2O3) 2. The release of oxygen will change

Partial pressure of oxygen in the system until the gas is zero

Remove it from the phosphates

Compounds that affect the kinetics of the reaction. In one

Refractory, which means the oxygen has to spread out

Refractories are made by diffusion of pores. reports

In the references, if oxygen and phosphorus

Gases with lower oxygen content encounter alumina

Temperature, they might change the aluminum phosphate,

As a percentage of the phosphate movement

A compound in a brick or gasifier.

Because of phosphate-containing refractories

Made or used in an oxygen environment fro

Atmospheric to low oxygen partial pressure

Study objective to evaluate aluminum phosphate

Temperature range (from room temperature to 1550 degrees)C) and

At two partial pressures of oxygen (O2 in the atmosphere

Partial pressure = 10-0.68 ATM and oxygen partial pressure

Pressure = 10-10 ATM). I studied phase transitions

There are two types reported in this article

Aluminum phosphate. - Aluminum metabhosphate

[Al(PO3)3] and orthophosphate aluminum [AlPO4].

The initial sample weight was 50 mg

Evaluate each aluminum phosphate test,

Spread evenly in a thickness of

About 0.4 mm on the bottom

99.8wt pct Al2O3 crucible.