How to Properly Store Your Wine in a Wine Cellar

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Find out ways to properly store wine in a cellar

Brisbane wine cellar contractors specialize in designing and building cellars that store bottles of wine under the proper temperature. They can also help you determine your wine collection’s needs and aesthetic preferences.

The right insulation is important for achieving constant cellar conditions. Glass isn’t a good insulator, so opt for double-glazed doors.


A custom wine cellar is a great addition to your home and a unique feature that can be enjoyed by your friends and family. But it’s important to understand how to store your wine properly so that it doesn’t go off before you can enjoy it. A wine storage professional can help you design a cellar that’s perfect for your home.

He or she can help you choose a location that’s cool, dark and free of vibrations. They can also provide a custom-designed bottle rack to fit your space and style. Lastly, they can recommend a wine cellar conditioner to keep the temperature low and consistent.

Whether you want a walk-in cellar or a simple wine wall, a custom wine cellar can be the highlight of your home. You can even have a cellar incorporated into the kitchen so you can serve your wine to your guests while entertaining.

There’s no better way to enjoy your favourite wines than with a well-stocked wine cellar. Wine is a treasured possession, and it should be admired and enjoyed in the best possible conditions. A Queensland wine cellar professional can help you determine the right cellar size and configuration, based on the number of bottles you plan to store and your home’s layout. They can also work with other contractors and vendors to ensure that the wine cellar is built correctly.

Storage Capacity

Many people dream of having their own cellar and creating a space that represents their passion for wine. However, building a proper cellar can be expensive and requires extensive structural changes to your home or unit. For this reason, some choose to rent a dedicated wine storage facility to protect their valuable wine investments. These facilities offer a range of storage options for varying sizes of collections and provide the perfect climate controlled environment to store your wine.

When wines are stored outside of optimum conditions, it is very common for the wine to begin changing colour. This is often caused by a change in cellar conditions and the wine’s cork failing to do its job of keeping out air. The wine’s colour is a good indicator of the quality of its storage and can be spotted even before the bottle is opened.

Wine refrigerators are a popular choice for those looking to keep their collection at home, but they require a significant initial investment and rely on (and pay for) electricity to maintain the ideal temperature. The cost of this can quickly add up and these units are not ideal for long-term storage. Home cellars and caves are bigger alternatives, but they can still be quite costly for a one-time investment and their equipment can wear out or break.

Temperature Control

As a wine storage enthusiast, you want your collection to be kept in the best condition. That means storing your wines at the right temperature and humidity levels. This will help your wine mature properly and prevent spoiling. You can choose from a number of different cellar climate control options to ensure that your wine is stored at the optimal temperature and humidity.

Typically, ducted split wine cellar cooling systems are the most popular because they are easy to install. They consist of a small evaporator unit mounted in your wine cellar and two copper set lines that lead to a remote compressor located either in another room or outside where the heat can be dissipated. These cooling systems also offer several other features including a digital programmable thermostat, integral humidifier and remote monitoring capabilities.

If you are able to afford it, opt for an energy-efficient evaporator that uses a commercial-grade Electrofin coating. This keeps the evaporator coils from becoming corroded and improves the performance of the unit.

The cellar environment should be insulated and well sealed to maintain an airtight seal and keep the humidity level between 50 and 70 percent. It is important to avoid a drastic change in temperature as this can affect the quality of your wine. For example, if you store your wines in the basement of your home during the summer and then move them to the kitchen during the winter, the dramatic difference in temperatures can cause your wine to lose its flavour.


A wine cellar is not only about storing bottles and maintaining optimal conditions. It’s also about creating a relaxing atmosphere for the owner to enjoy with friends and family. One of the best ways to achieve this is by installing proper lighting. This is especially important in a small space, such as a home wine cellar. A good quality light will help you quickly find the right bottle and enjoy it at your leisure.

The most important thing to remember about wine cellar lighting is that it should be soft and not too bright. This is because too much direct sunlight can damage wine. It can also cause the tannin concentration to increase, which can affect how your wine tastes. To avoid this, you should use LED lights that emit a soft glow and not too much heat.

Another great option is to use uplighting to highlight textured finishes. This can add a beautiful aesthetic to your wine cellar and help you find your way around more easily. For this, we recommend using a Lucca 30 or a similar product.

Another popular lighting choice is to use wall sconces. These are perfect for adding dimension to walls and doors and they’re available in a variety of colors and designs to match your wine cellar’s style. They also don’t take up floor space, which can be important for a small space.


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