Watching for Physical Changes of Rabbit

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Rabbits are adorable pets and generally fairly easy to take care of. They can become sick, however, and it is not always immediately apparent when this is the case.

  1. Feel your rabbit’s ears. Rabbits are able to regulate their temperature by radiating heat through their ears. If you notice that your bunny’s ears are unusually hot or cold, it can indicate that it is sick.
  2. Take your rabbit’s temperature. If you suspect that your bunny’s temperature is unusually high or low, you can take its temperature to be sure. This can help you or a vet make a diagnosis.
    Use a plastic rectal thermometer to check your pet’s temperature. If you are uncomfortable with this, or unsure of how to do it, take your rabbit to a vet for help skibidi toilet.
    A rabbit’s normal body temperature ranges between 101 F - 103 F (38.3 C - 39.4 C).
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