Farewell Messages for coworkers - to make the perfect Farewell cards

Farewell cards come with a whole bunch of features that allow you to wish the receiver in a happy way. Taking such small steps will definitely remain memorable.


Sending a farewell cards is typical when someone quits their work, relocates to a different company, or resigns. In the section below, you'll discover several farewell cards with advice on what to write or say to your coworkers and office friends who are leaving. To write sincere farewell notes for coworker, you can always use a template for a farewell card or even some coworker farewell quotes like we have suggested! 

  • It will be very dull to work in this workplace without you. A excellent coworker like you will be missed. I wish you well in your next pursuits! 
  • I wish you a lot of fun and pleasure in your new home. I'll be thinking about you and sending my best. 
  • Since you departed the office, our collaboration has not been the same. We really miss your important contributions. 
  • I have cherished you so much as a friend, coworker, and mentor. You're destined for bigger and better things, though. Goodbye, mate!
  • Without a fantastic individual like you nearby, it won't be as simple to have fun and be pleased at work. Everyone at work will miss you. Goodbye and best wishes! 
  • I'm grateful you taught me. I'll try my best to preserve the dedication and work ethic you're recognized for. I appreciate the inspiration and practical instruction you have provided me with. Hello, buddy! 
  • You occasionally meet someone with whom you instantly click. You most certainly fall into that category for me. I'm overjoyed that we were able to spend time together. Have fun in your new role!
  • Your ability to make decisions has always motivated me to follow in your footsteps. I value all of your encouraging remarks and everything that you have taught me. Goodbye, sir! 
  • I'm hoping your future job will be as enjoyable as working here has been. 
  • I learnt more from you than I ever could have imagined! I am really grateful to you for this wonderful new chance. I appreciate you setting me up for success, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.                                                                                             
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Funny farewell messages 

Writing a farewell card to coworkers quitting their jobs to accept new ones might also help you maintain a professional relationship that could be helpful in the future if you're looking for work. Add in a tinge of laughter in your farewell card by using some of these funny farewell messages. It will help you in keeping the environment lighthearted and fun! You never know when some suggestions for funny farewell messages can be useful!

  • You must use caution in your new home! Just be careful not to repeat the same mistakes we did at the previous Christmas party that got us back here. Keep an eye out for me at the next location since I won't be there to watch out for you. I'm sending you my best wishes!
  • I'm still baffled by your decision to leave the business. Do you believe you can enjoy yourself greatly at your new workplace without us? Let's check out who will miss what now. 
  • It's wonderful to hear that you're traveling. I'm eager to learn that your company has anointed you the "gossip queen." Goodbye! 
  • How long until I unintentionally throw Cheerios and paperclips into the cubicle next to you, believing that you are still there?
  • Dear [coworker], I wish I could stay here with you, but I'm not able to, so I thought I'd send you this quick email to say goodbye. The most recent rumors about what's happening at work are the single thing I'll miss most about you. 
  • You old dog, going on up is the finest decision you've ever made, second only to choosing to be my friend! Let's toast this significant shift by getting some beer shortly. 
  • The worst thing is for you to leave. How am I meant to find someone else as great to work with as you? You set the standard too high.
  • Obviously, I'm departing in order to avoid jeopardizing those who are eligible for promotions. You are aware, however, that if I remain, management will be unable to promote an ordinary employee like you in my place. Step it up and take my job, please! Bye, buddy! 
  • You're leaving; this office is standing still. However, don't be afraid to contact us if you need assistance proofreading your work. I'm sending you my very best goodbyes! 

    It's crucial to bid farewell to a coworker so they know you enjoyed your time spent with them. In addition, you should wish them well in their future endeavors. It could be difficult to say goodbye to coworkers. You could have developed close bonds or close workplace friends. But during your time working together, encouragement and friendliness are crucial when it comes to showing them that you appreciate and value their help!                              
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