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Today online business that is marketed through free classified ads services is becoming more predominant than land-based marketing.

Today online business that is marketed through free classified ads services is becoming more predominant than land-based marketing. Today most of us would look at the price tags that are quoted at various shops and then visit them personally once we find that the wide range of products displayed by these online merchants is impressive. With stiff competition, one has to come down on the price they can charge for their products. But how about getting their products into the market? They have to invest their time in marketing the products to the end customers.

Use Free Classified Advertising to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site

Several sources of free advertising are available to the diligent marketer. Free classifieds ads posting can bring you a steady stream of traffic. There are several recommended sources of free ads. A simple web search can turn up the top free advertising sites.

For these ad sources to be successful you must have a system in place. When you are placing multiple ads on various ad sites you have to have an organized plan of attack.

1) Pick your ad sites

2) Generate several variations of the same ads

3) Come up with a schedule of what ads to place on what site and which days you renewing or placing your varied ads.

Doing this will allow you to maximize your free ad resources giving you valuable backlinks and a steady stream of targeted website traffic.

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