Air Valve Supplier in Egypt

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African Valve is a leading Air Valve Supplier in Egypt

African Valve is a leading Air Valve Supplier in Egypt.The valve is used in various industrial and plumbing applications to control the flow of air in a system.Air valves are designed to operate automatically based on changes in pressure within the pipeline. When air accumulates, the valve opens to release it, and when the pipeline is filled with fluid, the valve closes to prevent leakage.The valves come in various types and configurations, each serving specific purposes. This type of valve is used to release trapped air or gas from a pipeline or system.These valves help maintain the efficiency and performance of the system by preventing the accumulation of air pockets, which can impede the flow of fluids and reduce operational effectiveness.

In Egypt, industries optimize their pneumatic systems with the assistance of a reputable Air Valve, ensuring precise air control and efficient operation in diverse applications.


●   Air release valve

●   Combination air valve

●   Air vent valve

●       Air control valve

●   Single orifice air valve

●   Double orifice air valve



●   Flow control

●   Energy efficiency

●   Pressure regulation

●   Air release and venting

●   Versatility



●   Pneumatic systems

●   Automotive industry

●   Aerospace and aviation

●   Oil and gas industry

●   Chemical industries

●   Water and wastewater treatment



●   Body material: Cast iron and ductile iron

●   Sizes: 1-1/2”-8”

●   Class: PN10 and PN16

●   Ends: screwed and flanged


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