Fight Factory: Your Ultimate Destination for Boxing Fitness Classes in Studio City

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Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Look no further than our Boxing Fitness Class in Studio City!

Are you looking for a dynamic and effective way to achieve your fitness goals? Welcome to Fight Factory. Offering top-notch boxing fitness classes in Studio City, Fight Factory is your go-to destination for a challenging yet rewarding workout experience.


Boxing Fitness Classes Offered

At Fight Factory, we understand that fitness levels vary, which is why we offer a range of classes suitable for beginners to advanced athletes. Whether you're a seasoned boxer or stepping into the ring for the first time, our expert trainers will tailor the workout to match your skill level and goals. From technique-focused sessions to high-intensity cardio workouts, there's something for everyone at Fight Factory.


Expert Trainers

Our team of trainers at Fight Factory comprises experienced professionals with a passion for boxing and fitness. With extensive backgrounds in competitive boxing and personal training certifications, our trainers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to help you reach your full potential. Expect personalized attention and guidance every step of the way as you embark on your fitness journey with us.


State-of-the-Art Facilities

When you step into Fight Factory, you'll be greeted by state-of-the-art facilities designed to enhance your training experience. From premium boxing equipment to modern amenities, we spare no expense in providing our members with the best possible environment for achieving their fitness goals. Cleanliness and hygiene are top priorities, ensuring a safe and comfortable workout space for all.


Community and Support

At Fight Factory, we believe in the power of community and support to fuel your fitness journey. Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about boxing and fitness. Whether you're sparring with a training partner or cheering each other on during a class, you'll find camaraderie and encouragement every time you walk through our doors.


Membership Options

We offer flexible membership options designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. Choose from monthly, quarterly, or annual plans, each offering its own set of benefits and perks. Enjoy unlimited access to our classes, exclusive member events, and discounts on merchandise and personal training sessions. With affordable rates and no long-term contracts, getting started at Fight Factory is easy and hassle-free.


Boxing for Fitness Benefits

The benefits of boxing for fitness are endless. Not only does it provide an excellent cardiovascular workout, but it also helps build strength, agility, and coordination. Plus, the stress-relieving effects of punching a heavy bag are unmatched, leaving you feeling energized and empowered after each session. Whether you're looking to lose weight, tone up, or simply blow off some steam, boxing at Fight Factory is the perfect solution.


Safety Measures

Your safety is our top priority at Fight Factory, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We've implemented strict health and safety protocols to ensure a clean and sanitized environment for all members. From temperature checks upon entry to enhanced cleaning procedures between classes, rest assured that we're taking every precaution to keep you safe. Additionally, our trainers are trained in first aid and CPR, so you can work out with confidence knowing you're in good hands.


Events and Competitions

Get ready to put your skills to the test at Fight Factory's events and competitions. We regularly participate in local boxing tournaments and challenges, allowing our members to showcase their talent and compete against others in a friendly and supportive environment. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a first-time participant, there's always something exciting happening at Fight Factory.


Booking and Schedule

Ready to lace up your gloves and get started? Booking a class at Fight Factory is quick and easy. Simply visit our website or give us a call to reserve your spot in your desired class. With multiple classes offered throughout the week and flexible scheduling options, finding a time that works for you is a breeze. Check out our schedule online to see upcoming classes and availability.



1. What do I need to bring to a boxing fitness class at Fight Factory?

At a minimum, bring water, comfortable workout clothes, and athletic shoes. If you have your boxing gloves, feel free to bring them, but we also provide gloves for use during class.


2. Can I join Fight Factory if I have no prior boxing experience?

Absolutely! Our classes are designed for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. Our trainers will guide you through each workout and ensure you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.


3. Is there parking available at Fight Factory?

Yes, we offer ample parking for our members, so you can focus on your workout without worrying about finding a spot.


4. Do you offer personal training sessions?

Yes, we offer personalized training sessions for those looking for one-on-one instruction and customized guidance. Whether you're looking to perfect your technique, reach a specific fitness goal, or prepare for competition, our certified trainers are here to help you succeed.


5. Are there age restrictions for joining Fight Factory?

While our classes are designed for adults, we also offer youth boxing programs for aspiring young athletes. Contact us for more information about age requirements and program availability.

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