Customized Water Bottle

Customized Water BottleCustomized Water Bottle


Cornelius Keg Suppliers Pera Industry Shanghai Co., Ltd is one of the leading suppliers for beer set products and related products in China. We set up new factory to produce Beer Taps, Beer Towers, Beer Kegs, Keg Couplers, P E T Kegs, Keg Connectors, Beer Spears, Gas Regulators, Beverage Taps, Kegerator, Brewing Accessories for domestic market in Yuhuan City. After that we achieved the cooperation with our partner I C T C from Saudi Arabia, we moved our headquarter to Shanghai and founded Pera Industry Shanghai Co., Ltd in 2 0 1 4. There are 24 sets extrusion producing lines and some CNC lathe in our factory. Yuhuan factory mainly produces Beer Taps, Keg Couplers, Beverage Spigots, Keg Connectors, Beer Spears. Company Office The whole process of production, management, and after-sales service is organized by the company. The quality of our products is in leading level both at home and abroad, which is stable and reliable. Since 2 0 1 5, these products have been rated as one of the popular beer set products, Till now, its sales network has spread over more than 20 provinces and cities in China and some products are exported to more than 100 countries in Europe, North America and South American countries, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries. Welcome to Pera Industry Shanghai Co.,Ltd. We hope to get your good cooperation in future.Cornelius Keg Suppliers website: