How Prism Digital Enhances Website Rankings with Technical SEO

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Discover how Prism Digital utilizes technical SEO to boost website rankings. Explore expert techniques to optimize your website's backend and enhance its visibility in search results.

In the current digital era, having a website is essential for organisations; nevertheless, a website by itself is insufficient. Search engine optimisation is necessary for websites to gain more visibility and organic traffic. Technical SEO becomes useful in this situation.

The process of upgrading a website's technical elements—such as its structure, on-page optimisation, technical optimisation, content optimisation, and link building—in order to make it more search engine friendly is known as technical SEO. Technical SEO is a continuous process that needs to be updated and monitored frequently.

We'll talk about the Technical SEO Checklist in this blog post, which will help you make your website more search engine friendly.

What is a Website Ranking?

A website's position on the search engine results page is referred to as its search engine ranking, or URL. Effectively ranked web pages will be among the top five results on the first page.

What is Technical SEO?

A website consists of two parts: the back end and the front end that users see. The copy, pictures, videos, and other graphics make up the front end. In the meantime, the back end consists of scripts and codes that are only understandable by specialists in web development.

The back end is the focus of technical SEO. It addresses the website's general architecture in addition to performance and security. Technical SEO gets your website ready for search engine optimisation.

Your SEO efforts will be ineffective without technical SEO. It acts as the primary support system for the entire undertaking.

Technical SEO and Website Traffic

Given that technical SEO may position your website such that it is visible to a large audience, it is reasonable to anticipate a high volume of website visitors. However, there are other factors that contribute to your high visitor count. 

Numerous things that technical SEO performs in the background that also increase website traffic include:

1. Enhances Crawlability

The capacity of search engines to navigate through your website is known as crawlability. Search bots from search engines visit your website to gather data. They examine every item of content you own.

Websites must therefore be free of broken and dead links. In order for these bots to index your entire website, they should be able to access it.

2. Boosts Security on Websites

Secure socket layers, or SSL, are used by technical SEO to guard websites against possible hackers. This safeguard also prevents unsolicited pop-up advertisements from showing on your pages.

Consumers will be able to tell if a website is using SSL or not. The "HTTPS://" in the URL is a clear indicator. Seeing it will reassure visitors to your website that it is a trustworthy and safe place to be.

3. Enhances the Experience for Users

Some of the factors that impede a user's browsing experience are pop-up advertisements and pages that load slowly. Although some people are able to handle these problems, many others are unable to.

The majority of internet users lead hectic lives. They value convenience and speed highly. When a website fails to meet their expectations, people close it and go on to the others.

The number of users who visit one page of your website before leaving can be explained by search engines. This is known as your bounce rate. A high bounce rate indicates that there is something unsettling about your website that visitors find off-putting. 

4. Has a Website Optimised for Mobile

The majority of internet users are mobile. Unless absolutely required, they hardly ever bring their laptops with them. Thus, a growing number of people use their cellphones or tablets to access the internet.

How Does Technical SEO Help Prism Digital Improve Website Rankings?

A quality technical SEO solution aims to enhance not just your website's search engine rankings and exposure but also its user experience, drawing in more visitors who will proceed through your funnel and, eventually, boost sales and profits. With the following technical SEO service agency, Prism Digital SEO specialists can help improve both your SEO performance and user experience.

1. Optimisation of Site Speed

You are the best person to target if you are a B2B company looking to reach busy decision-makers and purchasers; they don't have time to wait around for a slow-loading website. In connection to the Core Web Vitals metrics that Google created to evaluate user experience, website speed is also a significant Google ranking criteria. With SEO agency dubai like prism digital will enhance your website and page speed, hence boosting your user experience and organic search performance. This will involve shrinking the sizes of your files, optimising your code, and decreasing redirection.

  • Efficient HTML File Compression with CSS JavaScript

  • Entire Code Optimisation

  • Appropriate Redirect Evaluation

  • Efficient Browser Caching Continuous Image Enhancement

  • Networks for Distributing Content That Are Suitable

2. Technical SEO Evaluation and Improvement

Are you aware of every technological problem affecting the functionality and search engine ranking of your website? To assist you get your site back on track, our SEO experts may perform a technical SEO audit to help you find and fix obstacles like broken links, missing page titles, duplicate content problems, uncrawlable web pages, and more.

  • Important Core Web Essentials Relevant The Robots.txt file

  • Comprehensive XML Sitemap Optimal Site Design

  • Entire Indexation

  • Appropriate Internal Link Architecture

3. Implementation of Structured Data

The secret to raising the click-through rates of your web pages and enhancing brand visibility to your target audience through search engines is structured data markup. We'll assist you with implementing schema markup as part of our technical SEO services dubai to raise your chances of appearing on knowledge boxes, rich snippets, featured snippets, picture and video carousels, and more.

  • Complete CMS Structured 

  • Data Automation with RDFa 

  • Detailed Microdata and Structured JSON-LD Automation

4. Analysis of Metadata

Effective metadata increases your keyword ranks and click-through rates by catering to the needs of search engines and your target audience. With this top SEO agency dubai there will be thorough examine your current metadata and optimise it to draw in search engine visitors and focus on the keywords that are most important and pertinent to your company.

  • Improved Heading Tags

  • Improved Metadata

  • Proper Alt Tags

  • Meta Robots Tags That Work

5. Changes in SEO

Site migrations gone wrong can have major negative effects on SEO, such as a major decline in organic traffic. To ensure that you keep all of the outstanding search engine rankings you've worked so hard to obtain, Prism digital’s technical SEO specialists will design a thorough migration plan and execute a search engine-friendly migration of your website.

  • Entire Audits of Content

  • Reliable Backlink Audits

  • Roadmaps for Strategic Migration

  • Effective Redirect Techniques

  • Simplified Consolidation of Websites

  • Entire Traffic and Rankings Observing


To increase your online presence and increase visitors to your website, make sure it is search engine friendly. Through the application of fundamental SEO strategies like link-building, on-page optimisation, and keyword research, you may significantly raise your search engine rankings and draw in more natural traffic.

But if you want to position your website at the top of Google search results and maximise your SEO efforts, think about speaking with industry professionals. With top SEO agency dubai at Prism Digital, the top SEO company in Dubai, can assist you with website optimisation and the application of cutting-edge SEO techniques to improve traffic and online exposure. Take the first step towards increasing your online visibility by getting in touch with us today to find out more about our SEO services!


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