Benefits of computer networks?

Setting up a computer network is a fast and reliable way to share information and resources within your organization. It helps you get the most out of your IT systems and devices.

Advantages of computer networking?

the main advantages of networks are:

File Sharing - Easily share data between different users or access it remotely if you store it on other connected devices.
Resource Sharing – Save money by using network-connected peripherals such as printers, scanners, and copiers, and sharing software among multiple users.
Share a single Internet connection - This is cheap and can help protect your system if you secure your network properly. Increase your storage capacity - Access files, photos, music, and other multimedia stored remotely on other computers and network-attached storage devices.

Network computers can also help improve communication in the following ways:

Employees, suppliers, and customers can exchange information and communicate more easily
Your company can become more efficient. For example, network access to a common database avoids entering the same data multiple times, saving time and avoiding errors.
Employees can share customer data to process requests and provide a better standard of service


Cost benefits of computer networking?

Storing information in a central database can also reduce costs and increase efficiency. for example:

  • Employees share access to customer and product databases so they can handle more accounts in less time
  • Centralized network management, requiring less IT support
  • Save money by sharing internet access with peripherals
  • By allowing everyone to work from a single source of information, you can reduce errors and
  • improve consistency. This allows you to provide standard versions of manuals and directories, and regularly back up data from a single point to ensure consistency. 

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