NFT Token Development Services for Popular Token Standards

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Hivelance is a well-known NFT token development company that assists in the development of non-fungible tokens based on popular NFT standards such as ERC721, ERC1400, BEP721, TRC721, FA2 and others.

Revamping Your Businesses with NFT Token Development Solutions

Hivelance is a reputable NFT Token development business that works with clients from all over the world and across many industry sectors. We have developed secure, efficient, and revenue-generating NFT development solutions.


Simple Overview of NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of blockchain-based asset that represents real-world assets such as art, music, in-game items, and videos. They gained enormous popularity in 2021 as wealthy cryptocurrency investors rushed to profit from increasing prices, but sales volumes have decreased recently.

They are unique assets that cannot be replaced by any other type of token. Such NFTs may be created utilizing blockchain-enabled technology to reflect and adhere to particular rules or regulations that are set forth by the creator.


NFTs provide enormous opportunities for business executives since they enable organizations to develop new business models, improving the value of their current products and services and extending untapped potential in various industries.


NFT Token Development Services


Create highly scalable, interactive, and feature-rich NFTs with us.


As a leading NFT token development company, Hivelance provides end-to-end NFT token development services and solutions. Our highly qualified and skilled NFT developers have developed 50+ NFT development projects for different domains.


NFT Token Development Services for Popular Token Standards

Our NFT token developers have over a decade of experience developing solutions that fulfill market demands, boost brand recognition, and enhance business growth and expansion.


ERC721 Token Development

Bestowed with the experienced pool of experts, our team caters to ERC721 token development in a cost-effective manner.


ERC1155 Token Development

Experience all-new ERC standards on the Ethereum blockchain with our ERC1155 token development and developing proficiency.


ERC998 Token Development

Our token development team has competence in different advanced NFT token standards to develop tokens featuring ERC-998 standards.


ERC-4610 Token Development

We utilize immutable blockchain technology to build the ERC-4610 token for NFT games that can promote the gaming business prolifically.


TRC721 Token Development

Our expertise in TRC721 token development enables us to build high-grade TRC721-based NFTs to cater to superb experiences.


BEP721 Token Development

Using the industry experience and latest technologies, the developers at our token development company build successful BEP721 tokens that accelerate your NFT business growth.


BEP129 Token Development

We utilize the power of blockchain technology in our BEP129 token development process to develop BEP129 tokens for your GameFi project that offer an immersive user experience.


FA2 Token Development

We offer first-rate Tezos token development services to a wide range of clients. Our token development solutions allow you to create FA2 tokens across the leading Tezos network.


EIP-3754 Token Development

We create EIP-3754 tokens to implement ideal principles like rights, an abstract type of ownership.


SPL Token Development

A results-oriented approach to Solana token development enables us to build one-of-a-kind SPL tokens through our NFT token development services.


Polygon NFT Token Development

We are proficient in creating a scalable NFT token on the Polygon network to meet diverse business requirements. We offer clients in selecting the best blockchain network for NFT token development that suits their business requirements.


EIP-1948 Token Development

Our team of professionals is devotedly developing EIP-1948 NFT tokens, which are enhanced with the capacity to hold dynamic data and enable players to customize game items in accordance with their preferences.


EIP-2615 Token Development

We are dedicated to developing EIP-2615 tokens that are strong, scalable, and dependable using cutting-edge technology. These tokens will enable gamers to rent out and mortgage their NFTs.


EIP-2981 Token Development

Create an EIP-2981 gaming token with a tonne of features with the help of our EIP-2981 token development services for a thoroughly captivating gaming experience that enables smart contracts of other NFT standards (ERC-721, ERC-1155, etc.) to collect a royalty payment from the NFT creator or rights holder each time the NFT is sold or resold.


dGoods Token Development

You can construct a dGoods token on the EOS blockchain using our expertise in token development, which has one token symbol per contract but permits the creation of numerous sub-tokens.


How do our services make us the best NFT token development service provider?

With the perfect blend of technology, we cater incredible NFT token development solutions to our clients according to their specifications.

Having expertise in token development, we maintain the complete code structure efficiently and cover all the major aspects like instant launch support to reduce the development cost as well as time.

We cover all NFT token standards and blockchain platforms. We develop high-standard NFT tokens on various blockchain networks with outstanding features and functionalities.


Hivelance - We are the best NFT Token Development Company

Hivelance is a leading token development company that offers top-notch innovative NFT token development solutions for various businesses across multiple industries. Being the best token development company we create and launch different types of tokens according to the client’s requirements. We make engaging non-fungible tokens with transparency, high-end security, and faster delivery.


10+ years of industry experience

300+ global base of customers

50+ qualified resources

Transparent cost

State-of-the-art facilities

Quick product delivery

Want to create your own NFT project? Or looking for reliable NFT token development solutions? Talk to our highly skilled team for your NFT development-related projects.


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