Battle Pass will be available in the new world at the end of March 2023

Starting from March 28, 2023, the new world will change from the traditional game style to a new season release mode, of which the battle pass-style season pass is the most important part.


As we all know, high-end stores mainly cosmetics are the most obvious place for the new world currency system. But after the update at the end of this month, you can start to buy the new Season Pass's 100-level paid reward track to start a new journey in the first season. We will also provide free tracks for you to use.

By purchasing the Season Pass, you can unlock associated rewards such as emotes, skins, gear, Boost Tokens, and "other seasonal loot." Of course, we also need to complete the goals in the new season journey, challenges, and event cards to obtain season experience points, and then unlock the corresponding achievement rewards.

Ways to Farm XP:
faction quest
town project
expedition boss
sentinel dash
3v3 Arena

Amazon says each season of Premium Tracks will cost 20,000 Marks of Fortune (a bundle of 23,000 will cost $19.99/roughly £16 at the New World store). Amazon says the new Season Pass model is not an alternative payment method. While tokens and gear are more accessible, there will be no additional perks in the game. And its Gear Score also has a corresponding limit, it is said that its highest score is 600.

The name of the first season of the new world is defined as Fellowship Fire. The Devs have added a new story in this new season called The Silver Crows. There are also new Empyrean Forge and Heartrune abilities that will be available. And on this basis, the new world also adds new equipment options, players can switch their own configuration attributes in their own way. Of course, the new gear options aren't as good as you might think. Players who want to unlock this function need to prepare enough NEW WORLD COINS, ADVANCED COINS, or season tickets before unlocking,and then improve themselves through NEW WORLD BOSSTING.

Amazon said that on March 28, on the basis of the new season of Fellowship Fire, corresponding seasonal activities will be added. In addition, some main mission plots have been optimized, such as the Vega Swamp and Bright Forest in the New World. For more information, pay attention to the game provider IGGM, and let you know more details.