On the Development and Various Uses of Visqueen

The article talks about On the Development and Various Uses of Visqueen


Although a generic brand of polyethylene plastic sheeting, Visqueen is just about the universal title with regard to plastic material sheeting, similar to Kleenex is just about the universal title with regard to cells document. Whenever many people request Visqueen, they're usually talking about Building as well as Farming (CA) Quality polyethylene plastic material sheeting. CA Quality plastic material sheeting might include around 25 % recycled supplies, and it is generally produced from the lowest priced resin amalgamated supplies at any time.


Visqueen today is commonly 0.1 to 0.25 millimeters thick and used as a temporary tarpaulin. The material has also been developed for various uses since its invention. For instance, it is commonly used to cover concrete in construction sites as it sets, a drop cloth when painting, and inlining some decorative ponds. Some individuals also use it to cover the ground before putting stones or wood chips to prevent weed growth.


Large sheets of Visqueen, in particular, are also used to prevent dikes and other types of flood banks from overspilling and suffer from wave wash erosion. Some have even suggested using the material in greenhouses, although this idea is yet to catch on. Finally, Visqueen is sometimes used as ground cover in the crawl spaces of home foundations as a vapor barrier. The material can be purchased in clear and opaque versions.


Visqueen's lifespan, while exposed under the sun, is typically short. Generally, clear Visqueen lasts three to four months in direct sunlight, while black ones may last up to half a year. However, other factors also affect the deterioration of the material. For instance, under harsher sunlight conditions and faster wind speeds, Visqueen may experience faster breakdown and even tearing. That being said, some manufacturers of Visqueen have tried using higher-grade material that draws on the latest in polymer technology to deliver numerous benefits.


Modern visqueen sheeting has exceptional tear resistance, while still being lightweight and easy to handle. Furthermore, the longer lifespan of new Visqueen materials will not need to be replaced as often as traditional Visqueen formulations. This inevitably provides better value for money. Agricultural grade Visqueen has been specially developed to protect crops from all weather conditions and resist the damaging effects of sunlight and UV radiation. Finally, such materials are fully recyclable.


The uses of Visqueen do not end there. The plastic sheeting has also been used as a vapor barrier and fire retardant. Visqueen vapor checkers haven been applied to decrease the risk of interstitial condensation within an infrastructure as well as to improve the air tightness of a building. This typically works by restricting the passage of warm, moist air from inside the building from seeping into the structure of the roof.


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