5 Important Things You Better Know About Pool Heat Pumps

For pool owners, Zealux pool heat pump manufacturer offers the ideal combination of performance and silence. With an Inverboost full inverter solution, Dynamic and intelligent operation for greater energy efficiency and ultra-quiet operation, Zealux pool heat pumps provide reliable perform


5 Important Things You Better Know About Pool Heat Pumps

As we know, a pool heat pump brings us extended season swimming pleasure, for families, it is also an investment, same as having pool. So we have prepared some questions which are frequently asked and the answers.


What Is COP?

COP is Coefficient of Performance. The COP of a pool heat pump is the ratio of energy input to heat output. Higher COP meand higher efficiency of the pool heater. COP highly depends on the operating conditions of the Pool heat pumps . For example, a unit with a COP of 10 means that 5kw of electricity the unit use, and 50kw of heat are generated for pool heating. INVERBOOST heat pumps are highly efficient with COP up to 16. inverboost pool heat pump

How Long Does It Take For An Electric Pool Heater To Heat A Pool?

An INVERBOOST pool heat pump could heat a pool in low temperatures down to -20 degrees. Back to the actual using condition, the warmer the air, the more efficient the pool heater is, because it extracts heat from the ambient air. Therefore, in the daytime, running a heat pump in the day time may be more efficient because of the warmer and more humid ambient air.

How Long Does An INVERBOOST Heat Pump Work In A Day?

swimming pool heat pump The heating time of a pool heater depends on the size of the swimming pool, the size of the pool heater that is installed, the time of the year and the installation location, etc. It can be different amounts of time. The swimming pool heat pump may run for less than 2 hours in summer on sunny and warm days when the pool temperature is close to room temperature. But in cold days, the pool heat pump may need to run for more than 8 hours or longer time. It is also why we suggest buying a bigger pool heat pump for your pool with more benefits. If the heater is undersized, it takes a longer time to heat the pool and it costs more in operation. It may happen that the undersized heat pump run the whole day for 24 hours and your pool temperature has not reached yet. Therefore, it is important to choose the right size heat pump before the purchase and take suggestions from the professional supplier or installer about the heat calculation based on the condition of your pool.

Does The Pool Heat Pump work In Lower Efficiency In Winter?

The answer is yes. A pool heat pump draws heat from the surrounded air. In cold weather, there is less heat available to draw from the air, and the efficiency of the pool heater will be comparatively lower. On the other hand, there would be more heat loss on cold days. For the INVERBOOST Heat Pump Manufacturer , we will take this into consideration when we design the system to bring users the best experience with good efficiency even in cold climates.

Are Pool Heat Pumps Noisy During Operation?

Noises are measured in a dBA at 1m in air source swimming pool heat pumps which is the level of noises in the air at a 1-meter distance from the pool heat pump. Most brands use inverter technology to reduce the speed of fans and compressors. Designed to be quiet, our INVERBOOST technology brings whisper sound under different working models, sound pressure is only 39 dB at 1 meter. Even when it works at night when it is quiet outside, you won’t be disturbed. The noise is low like a fridge. Thanks to INVERBOOST technology, it brings an extremely quiet environment for us to enjoy the real relaxation of swimming to the best. swimming pool heat pumpINVERTER POOL HEAT PUMP