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The Genie Script by Wesley Virgin is a 20 words manifestation program that will help you achieve your dreams and enable you to manifest a better psychological, spiritual and financial status.


The Genie Script is a 1-month course that shows individuals how to meditation correctly so they're able to reflect on where they're at in life as well as the direction in which they want to move in order to grow more aware of their alternatives. It is offered in the form of videos and eBooks to help you prepare your brain for the next positive changes.

The Genie Script program may improve your life significantly. According to Genie Script, wealthy individuals utilize it to acquire their present levels of success and wealth.

The program contains so much knowledge on life-improving practices that it may contribute to your overall health and well-being.

Inside The Genie Script, there's a feeling of society where individuals may connect with others on the same road. The program's strategies, directions, and approaches are straightforward for anybody to comprehend and use.

The Genie Script 30-Day Meditation Program by Wesley Virgin

Visit Wesley Virgin Genie Script Official Website Here

The Genie Script 30-Day Meditation Program by Wesley Virgin

The majority of users have found the genie script to serve as an effective manifestation program that affords them the possibility to achieve their goals.

  • Four 10-Minute Meditation Sessions Each Week - Wesley's curriculum consists of four 10-minute sessions in which he instructs individuals on how to perfect their own meditation skills. Each week of the curriculum consists of four 10-minute sessions.
  • Video Instruction On The Five Meditative States - If you want your meditation to be productive, you must first grasp the technique. There are five states of brain waves: Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta. Throughout the video training courses, Wesley discusses in detail the advantages of each condition and when to enter each state to get the highest outcomes.
  • Access To Wesley's Secret Facebook Community - Wesley incorporated a private Facebook community with this meditation program. This private community allows you to know, publish, and share images and videos with others who have similar goals and visions as you. With the Facebook group, you may also be motivated by the results posted by others, allowing you to maintain concentration for the full 30 days.
  • The eBooks - Reading is also a kind of meditation. While reading books, it is possible to get so immersed in the plot that you forget the passing of time and the world around you. This is a clear indication of complete concentration on a single task. While reading a wonderful book or an engaging article with fresh information, we concentrate on ourselves inside the present. Reading this program's content and course materials is comparable. In addition, reading them will keep you focused and provide you with the correct viewpoint, approach, rationale, or insight, especially with manifesting a stronger emotional, physical, and fiscal state.

The Genie Script Course

The Genie Script meditation program is divided into 9 parts.

  1. Introduction; How to Use Genie Script
  2. The Inception Point of Success
  3. Rules of the Mind
  4. Mind Conditioning for Abundance
  5. Rewrite Your Subconscious Mind Now
  6. You Must Feel You Already Have It
  7. Sensory Emotional Acceleration
  8. Brain Waves
  9. The Meditation Script

It also includes a session that allows you to communicate with Wesley, who will answer your concerns and help you better comprehend the approach and the material.

How Genie Script Work?

The Genie Script is an easy-to-follow meditation technique that helps users achieve better achievement. This application assists users in attaining greater personal and professional success. It is an effective form of manifestation that produces the desired outcomes. Using the necessary procedures, this unique mindfulness meditation assists individuals in achieving their objectives.

The Genie Script method employs a novel kind of meditation to produce a more prosperous financial, emotional, and spiritual existence. The complete Genie Script Works package provides options for saving money or dramatically enhancing their financial situation. It entirely eliminates your nervousness.

The most effective meditations include value-based transactions that last for more than 10 minutes. This approach helps individuals see that everyone has aspirations and desires may be fulfilled by anybody.

This transformational meditation approach helped him to earn his first millions of dollars by skillfully programming his mind for success and sparing him from impending death.

Genie Script Advantages

  • The Genie Script program may aid with relaxation. They will not feel weariness, stress, tension, or sadness as a result.
  • It enhances people's attitude and makes them feel happier and more confident. It also allows them to start every day with hope.
  • Using the Genie Script program might bestow more chances onto your life.
  • The Genie Script is an easy-to-use, uncomplicated system.
  • It is a motivating and inspiring technique that allows individuals to feel the magical wealth of the planet.
  • This program facilitates the acquisition of audio, meditation, and hearing.
  • The individual must press "play" and wait for the change to take place organically.
  • This program facilitates psychological and emotional healing.
  • This technique is applicable anywhere.
  • It lets an individual to live independently financially and follow his goals.
  • This program is very reliable and simple to use.
  • Compared to other available goods, this software is reasonably priced.
  • It prevents all unpleasant things from happening.
  • This application instantly exhibits exceptional issues.

Visit Wesley Virgin Genie Script Official Website Heregenie script pdf

Genie Script Price

It is available to buy on the official website. After payment has been received, a buyer will get the eBook as well as other program materials via email, and he will additionally have access to the complimentary resources that are included with the Genie Script program.

The price of Genie Script was already dropped to a negligible $36.63.

Also, Genie Script offers a risk-free service to its cautious consumers. The client has 365 days from the date of purchase to refund the Genie Script application. In the unlikely event that a user has a horrible experience with Genie Script, he can quickly contact customer care and get a full refund.

Genie Script New 30-Day Program Bonuses

Further goodies are included with the bundle. A review in a particular article recommended investigating discount links for the program and incentive packages.

  • Bonus #1: Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track - The first extra is a basic binaural beat recording meant to activate your minds in an extremely effective, unique condition of manifestation just by listening to it.
  • Bonus #2: Kundalini Touch Exercise - Kundalini Touch Exercise is a workout that utilizes music, mantra, and spiritual healing to stimulate beliefs of abundance in order to actualize physical wants more quickly.
  • Bonus #3: Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercises - Your third sight is maybe your most potent information source. It is often known as the Chakra. But, a lot of us have it locked; hence, it is inactive. Meditation may be used if you wish to open your eyes in a certain manner. Developing your third eye strengthens your psychic and manifesting powers as well as your connection to your spirit. As you grow your third eye, you will be able to manage daily stress with ease while simultaneously achieving higher levels of consciousness, more ego, and deeper emotional mastery. These third eye activation exercises will fully enlarge and activate your crown chakra. Hence, you will have access to your own unlimited knowledge.
  • Bonus #4: Occult Walking Guided Meditation Audios - The final bonus is a procedure that helps you to focus while unknowingly listening to meditation audios. In addition, it enables you to materialize your wishes while walking throughout your daily routine. Walking meditation enables you to be conscious while walking, to maintain an awake presence, and to utilize the action of walking to cultivate awareness. Another benefit of walking is that it lets you escape the present moment and connects us with environment and our surroundings. Remember you do a chest bump while walking by observing how your body is feeling and your attitude. You may also have a steady, relaxed beat while walking regularly and breathing properly.

A self-made billionaire has written a book titled Genie Script that would assist individuals in achieving success, having many opportunities, and being rich. The program provides a guide to achieving the maximum potential quality of life. It teaches individuals the proper way to meditate and manifest in order to improve their economic, moral, and psychological wellbeing.

Genie Script is the excellent guide for making great changes in one's life. This program offers a strategy for real-world achievement. Individuals will develop an interest in everything they have always sought. This course is without a doubt one of the finest purchases you'll ever make.

It aids in the identification of a great dream and the proper life goal. It enhances your lifestyle. Humans will be more confident and successful in the future. Visit Official Genie Script Webpage Here.


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