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Tune in at any time in the wee hours of the morning over here in America, and you'll likely run into a home shopping channel hawking brilliant Invicta watches at seemingly huge mark-downs. I've always wondered, how does an Invicta watch drop down from several thousands of dollars, to a mere hundred or two? I decided to seek out answers to this conundrum - if these watches were ever worth $3,000, the company making and selling them should be out of business if they're giving up $2,800 worth of profit.

A Short History of the Invicta Watch Collection for Men

It turns out that Invicta is no longer a Swiss company, and hasn't been one since the very early 90s. Up until about 1992 or so, they were considered high-quality, precision time pieces; then, a contingent of American businessman bought the company and outsourced the building of Invicta watches to China. So, what happened? Did the quality of the watches decrease, or is it simply that the labor is significantly cheaper - or perhaps, a combination of both?

It's difficult to say for sure, but one interesting trend is the number of albeit quality Invicta watches that are coming off the presses looking like replicas of industry heavyweights. Of course, the Invicta isn't anything like an Omega, a Citizen, Bulova, Tissot or Mondaine; but that doesn't mean it's cheaply-made. In fact, many Invicta watch collection reviews beg to differ: the Pro Diver, Subaqua Chronographs and Jason Taylor-backed Invicta Bolt Zeus watches appear exquisitely-made and stand up to scrutiny. The point is Invicta seems to offer the appearance of the utmost quality, while only charging you for 'mere' quality.

This isn't surprising, of course - China has a replica industry almost as big as their originals. But it's important to understand that the watches they build for Invicta are only "visual" knock-offs (and just barely, at that, given the large array of original designs in most Invicta collections); the watches, themselves, are worth the hundreds-of-dollars you pay for them when it comes to the internal precision and workmanship. Ultimately, that's probably all anyone really cares about anyway, right?

Outstanding Attributes of Quality Invicta Reserve Watches

The first thing you notice about most members of any Collection is the sheer size of the watch. They're definitely not for the slim-wristed. In fact, it's one of the reasons the Invicta watches for men are highly sought-after by men - although there's also a woman's collection. The geometric precision and color overlays are the other noticeable things about them - rose-gold, gold, deep aqua, emerald green and the deepest matte blacks feature prominently in Invicta's palette. The options are poised to grow; in fact, Invicta recently released a personal line for former NFL defensive star Jason Taylor, called the Bolt Zeus.

So, in sum, there's nothing wrong with buying an Invicta, as long as you know what you're getting into. The thousand-dollar price mark-down's are not totally on the up-and-up because the watches cost much less for the Chinese to make, when compared to elite Swiss artisans. Those are the prices the watches used to be, back in the 80s. Today, they are very much worth the hundred-dollar price tags.

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