Benefits of Laminar Flow Cabinet

A Laminar flow cabinet is a surrounded workstation that is used to make a contamination-free work environment through filters to arrest all the particles entering the cabinet.


The Laminar Flow Cabinet is designed to defend the work from the environment and is useful for the aseptic distribution of plate pouring.

 Laminar flow cabinets are alike biosafety cabinets with the only difference in laminar flow cabinets the effluent air is drawn to the face of the user. In a biosafety cabinet, the sample is protected while in the laminar flow cabinet, only the sample is protected but not the user.

Process for running the laminar flow cabinet

The process to be followed while functioning a laminar flow cabinet is given below:

  • Before running a laminar flow cabinet, the cabinet should be checked to guarantee that nothing susceptible to Ultraviolet rays is present in the cabinet.
  • The glass shield is then closed, and the UV light is on. The UV light should be kept on for 15 minutes to guarantee the surface sterilization of the working bench.
  • The UV light is switched off, and a time of around 10 minutes is spared beforehand the airflow is switched on.
  • The glass shield is opened, and the fluorescent light is switched during the operation.
  • To guarantee more protection, the working bench of the cabinet can be treated with other disinfectants like alcohol.
  • Once the work is finished, the airflow florescent lamp are closed and the glass shield is closed.

Benefits of Laminar flow hood

The following are common uses of a laminar flow cabinet in the lab:

  • Laminar flow cabinets are used in labs for contamination-sensitive processes.
  • Other lab processes like media plate preparation culture of organisms can be achieved inside the cabinet.
  • Operations of sensitive electronic devices are achieved inside the cabinet.
  • In the pharmaceutical businesses, drug preparation methods are also performed in the cabinet to guarantee a particulate-free environment.

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