Definitive guide to lemon balm supplements

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The lemon balm is a simple herb in appearance, but with regenerative and relaxing properties from ancestral times.
For about 2,000 years, the Greeks began the medicinal use of this plant for relaxation purposes, and even today it remains in force thanks to the way in which medicine in

The lemon balm is a simple herb in appearance, but with regenerative and relaxing properties from ancestral times.

For about 2,000 years, the Greeks began the medicinal use of this plant for relaxation purposes, and even today it remains in force thanks to the way in which medicine in the West has opened more and more to natural products.

However, the benefits of lemon balm go beyond simple relaxation: recent studies have shown its importance for cell regeneration and to improve cognitive functions, among other aspects.

Find out more about this supplement and how it could benefit your health.

What is lemon balm?

The lemon balm is the most common name under which this medicinal plant is known, although its names are several. In Spanish, it is also called by these three names:

  • Melissa officinalis (its scientific name).

It is a very common plant, coming from the South of Europe, whose traditional consumption in the form of tea has been very widespread throughout the West.

Recently, lemon balm has gained popularity as a supplement, especially recommended for the treatment of cases of stress and insomnia, although its uses are very diverse.

As a biological specimen, it can be said that this plant is a rarity: it contains various active and compound molecules, which behave differently depending on how it has been collected and processed. This means that even though two supplements look the same in their description, it is very likely that they act in a different way when consumed.

Why is lemon balm so popular?

The main reason why lemon balm has gained so much popularity recently, is the fact that every time we deal with more stress.

Our current interconnected world demands so much attention that we seldom know how to deal with all the content that comes to us throughout the day, which ends up bringing us stress . To combat it, it is very common for many to seek answers in natural methods.

The good news in this case is that apparently it is not a passing fad: the recent popularity of lemon balm has made scientists pay more attention, discovering some real benefits of its use that are worth knowing. leanbiome

Benefits of lemon balm

As has already been said, the study of lemon balm by science is recent. Between 1950 and 2000 there were only 5 studies about it but, only in 2015, there were 22. All this has resulted in a greater knowledge of its benefits, which apparently are more diverse than what could be expected.

  1. Increase relaxation

The lemon balm can be considered as a moderate sedative: its molecules act in the body by increasing the amount of γ-aminobutyric acid ,  an inhibitory neurotransmitter that  reduces brain activity.

As dangerous as this may sound at the beginning, it is actually quite safe. The result is that your brain will respond less to signs of stress, anxiety and alertness, which results in more relaxation.

  1. Improves sleep

The inhibiting effect of lemon balm on neuronal activity has another easy to guess consequence: improvement of sleep.

Different studies have shown that this plant improves the brain's ability to "let go" to a deeper and more restful sleep.

  1. Improves memory and cognitive functions

Although not all researchers agree on this, some studies have reported that people who show slight improvements in activities that include the use of memory, after taking lemon balm supplements.

  1. It can reduce the impact of DNA deterioration

As we know, DNA is the chemical structure stored in cells, which is basically responsible for shaping everything. This structure forms new organisms from its division, and if everything is fine in it, life goes on perfectly (genetically speaking), but DNA can deteriorate over the years, for different reasons.

In this regard, lemon balm has been shown to improve the way the body handles DNA deterioration . We still do not know very well how he does it (studies are recent), but there is evidence that this is the case.

How much lemon balm should be ingested?

The effective dose of a substance is the minimum amount capable of achieving the expected objectives when taken. In the case of supplements with lemon balm, the minimum effective intake is 300 mg per day. However, different personal conditions (age, weight) can raise this dose to 600 mg per day in some cases.

Does lemon balm have side effects?

So far no side effects have been found in the consumption of supplements with lemon balm, even when consumed in high doses. However, we must remember that it is a type of sedative, so you should consult a doctor about its use, especially if you are already taking another type of sedative.

How to choose a supplement with lemon balm?

The lemon balm can be acquired in many different ways, from a tea to pills for stress or sleeping powder, but regardless of the presentation in which you acquire this product, there are some considerations you should remember:

  • Look for one that provides between 300 mg and 600 mg per day.
  • Make sure it contains rosmarinic acid.

As said at the beginning, lemon balm contains various compounds and molecules, and one of the most important seems to be the latter.

If you want your supplement to contain rosmarinic acid, you should look at the label and make sure it says it has been standardized for it, which means that it contains at least certain amounts.

In some cases, standardized supplements are more expensive; But if you really want your lemon balm supplement to be effective, it is best to make sure and guarantee the benefits of relaxation and general recovery that this plant promises.

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