Features To Look Out For When Buying An Ideal HR System In 2022

In this blog find out what are the features that you should look for when you buy HR business software in India. Additionally, learn how these features would help your business grow in 2022.


Managing a workforce even in a small size company is difficult for HR professionals. Most the businesses easily get puzzled while managing the workforce. For such problems, A powerful HR system is a solution for every organization in India today. HR software can be as effective as other resources for small businesses in India while automating their HR daily needs with the right features. 


Finding An ideal HR Software amongst the huge range of various options available at the marketplaces is not at all an easy job to do. It is presently convincing that selecting the right HR software requires a lot of focus and discussion.


The technology counter has examined and categorized the best HR software features for you based on the best reviews and experiences. Combining all your HR duties and efforts with technology to ease up managing resources.


Best Features You Should Look Out For While Selecting The HR Software For Your Business


1. Automated Payroll System 


The first feature that you should look for in HR software in the year 2020 is an Automating payroll system.  A recommended method to save time, money, and reduce the risk of errors with ease for future business leaders.

Managing payroll refers to a process of collecting employee information and managing their payments of wages and benefits. In most organizations, payroll functions are managed by the HR department. However, reports have suggested that managing payroll manually becomes more difficult to prepare as the number of employees grows. In such scenarios manually managed payrolls tend to make mistakes. 

Automating payroll saves a lot of time and effort for your business if compared with the manual process while reducing the chances of errors. An automated payroll system can perform payments of salary, daily wages, even complex functions such as overtime, commission bonuses, raises, deductions, tax calculations for each employee, etc. 


2. Self-Service Portal For Employees (ESS)


The employee self-service portal allows employees to access and update their information such as personal information, address, banking details, contact information, etc. within the portal only.

This can save HR professionals a lot amount of time. And just as enable employees to view company documents, leave balances, benefits, training information, and their very own information

In any event that employees have any issues and they are not authorized to make any changes in the ESS portal.

The HR software will enable employees to relate electronically to the HR department. This enables employees to communicate from anywhere in the available time.

With the ESS portal, your employees will have no good reason to trouble your HR department. They can view leave balance, taken leaves, attendance reports, insurance, reimbursements, and many more on the go. ESS or Employee Self-service portal is one feature that should be there on your checklist. 

“ According to signal’s 2019 Annual State of Employee Communication and Engagement Study, 80% of the employee’s workforce report feeling stressed because of ineffective company communication, which marks a 30% jump from the year before.” 


3. Talent Performance Management System


The employee attrition rate is on the rise and has become a big challenge for most HR professionals worldwide. This is the reason why HR managers consider retention a top priority and are investing in such systems to ensure efficient onboarding.

Human resource management software with robust talent management HR features is a solution that continues to evaluate candidates well beyond the interview process. Once hired, It monitors performance provides assessment information on employee productivity, customer satisfaction, etc. 


These applications can offer automated feedback to HR departments based on their reviews on the analysis. This performance feedback may be visible to the management and the employees through a dashboard. This eliminates the need to notify employees of any evaluations via email or engage in time-consuming performance review meetings.

4. Time And Attendance Management System


A perfect, time, and money-saving alternative of an age-old attendance notebook for your organization. Simple and affordable tracking or attendance management system for small businesses. While tracking and screening employees’ working hours this system also enables businesses to screen their employee’s late appearances, early takeoffs, time taken on breaks, and absenteeism.


Systems monitor the usage of sick leaves and paid leaves. These systems are extremely quick at it and easy to access, plus it reduces double entry to save time and reducing the risk of error. Additionally, it controls the work costs by reducing over-payments, which are frequently caused by paying employees for the time they are not working.


5. Benefits Management System 


Managing employee benefits, including healthcare, claims, etc, is a primary component of human resource management software features. The benefits management system will promote workflows and information for benefits. Additionally, it allows employees to enroll themselves for benefits through the system to minimize errors and unnecessary work.


With these features, employees can make changes as required and can review their plan for greater understanding. This empowers employees while preventing HR professionals from wasting time answering common and basic questions. 


Everything else that the system offers:


  • Benefits Administration
  • Wellness
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Travel Compensation
  • Paid Leave

6. Recruitment And Application Tracking System (ATS)


HR software features that can enable all your recruiting follow up needs to be done electronically is all you need when you are planning to scale up. Using application tracking features for organizing the applicant database as per their resume and the follow-up request and orders is certainly the one strategy you can start with. As the applications start pouring in, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can automatically accept and reject candidates based on the preapproved criteria. Depending on the needs of a company an application tracking is functional online as well.


Streamline your hiring process and entire candidates search and hiring process to make it easier to add employees for HR departments with automated HR system features. You can handle social media features to post job openings on multiple websites and social media channels with ease. It directs and enables all the processes of posting jobs and attracting talent for available positions in a company to be operated by software.