All You Need to Know About Church Management Software

Faith Teams is an easy & affordable, all-in-one church management software with all the features your church needs. It’s easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and priced so that any church can afford it. It’s perfect for small & mid-sized churches (up to 2,000 attendance). Get all the


Church management software is a tool that helps churches manage their activities by using computer technology. Church software is a step toward connecting the worlds of religion and technology.

The software is designed to handle administrative tasks and activities, as well as dues management, attendance recording, membership management and more.

ChMS uses automation to make everyday tasks, including communication and coordination with the congregation, easier.

Not only does this free up more time for you and your staff, but it also allows your members to better interact with the church. Members can communicate more effectively and quickly with the church by using applications.

Many churches are moving toward making their organization more technology-driven. A church management system has everything you need. It saves you from searching the internet for programs to do your tasks and provides modern solutions to any problems you might face.


Benefits of Integrated Church Management Software

With a cloud-based system, you're in control of managing the entire church. Access visitor information from your phone. Download and print reports from your computer in the office. Or schedule an event with volunteers and a sign-up page from your laptop at the local coffee shop. And since it's a cloud-based system, all data and information is automatically backed up on a regular basis.

It's beneficial to have a software program designed specifically for the church because it gives you a method specifically designed for ministries to thrive. Churches have unique needs that require a system (and a team behind that system) that understands how the church operates.

One of the key benefits of ChMS is that it helps churches structure and manage all aspects of daily operations. ChMS simplifies the complex, day-to-day tasks that churches face.

Integrated church software can increase the productivity of the organizational and operational aspects of a church as the various systems work together. The various tools in an integrated system help with administration across the board.


Manage your entire church from one system

The general administrative tasks of a church can be streamlined with an effective ChMS. Thanks to the automation provided by the software, you can better support your ministry.

Membership data management is simplified with cloud-based access from anywhere. Church staff can easily connect with their co-workers as their information is not only easy to find, but can also be updated effortlessly. Even members can update their information if they move or change their phone number.

You can also use the same program to create events and schedule volunteers and facility usage. Keep track of attendance and who is serving where.

Administrative teams can generate reports to gain valuable insight into trends within the community. With the support of an automated, admin-sufficient platform, to-do lists will shrink dramatically (or at least the time it takes to check them off).


Enhance your service with flexible online donation options.

Reduce administrative overhead by simplifying everything related to generosity with an online giving platform that syncs directly with ChMS.

Manage all contributions, gifts and donations in a single system. View a range of custom reports by person, transaction, fund, and date range. Access graphical reports on monthly trends, automatic recurring giving, and projections. View congregational growth and trends.

Encourage generosity with a convenient recurring giving feature. Many people pay their bills automatically, so why not give them the option to automate their donations, too? You can also give donors the ability to see what they've donated and when.