All You Need to Know Before Buying a Perfect Moonstone

For thousands of years, Moonstone has its special place in history. There are so many different cultures having their own exciting story. The Romans believed that the Moonstone has formed with the moonbeams from the moon, and thus while wearing the Moonstone jewelry can help them see their


Like a bright shining orb in the sky, Moonstone is a white color gemstone with healing powers of the moon and the carrier of the yin energy. Moonstone belongs to the family of minerals named feldspar and has an amazing play of light called adularescence. Moonstone has a pearly opalescent look and comes in blue, white, peach, and grey shades. They also have a rainbow moonstone primarily found in India and Sri Lanka. Moonstone has made its unique place in the heart of gemstone jewelry lovers worldwide with its mystical aura and shine.