How to Set a Screen Time Limit on YouTube?

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In this article, we will talk about How to Set a Screen Time Limit on YouTube

YouTube is the world's largest video-sharing site. If you're like us, you're reading this article while PewDiePie watches a video reaction from your childhood TV shows. Your approach to YouTube will determine how it affects your daily life. YouTube can be a great resource for your child if they are interested in learning how to play the guitar. YouTube can be a distraction, and they could end up wasting the most important time of their lives. YouTube can be a double-edged sword. It is not a good idea to leave your child alone on YouTube. However, it might be a better option to restrict access. You should be a responsible parent and find a way to allow your child to use YouTube without interruptions. This article will show you how to limit your YouTube screen time.



YouTube's Negative Effects on Kids

YouTube is a video-sharing platform that anyone can use to create content. Although Google has removed pornographic content from YouTube and banned it, there are still chances that your child will come across inappropriate videos. These videos include educational videos that contain nudity and violent content as well as the use of adult language. Your child may also be exposed to videos that promote false beliefs, such as the ineffectiveness or lack thereof of vaccines.


The addictive nature of the platform is another problem. YouTube curates content for each user to make it easy to leave the platform after only one viewing. It doesn't help that YouTube has a list of recommended videos and auto-play turned on by default. It can be detrimental to your child's academic performance and physical health if they spend too much time on YouTube.






Limit Screen Time on YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site in the world. You can limit your child's YouTube screen time so they don't waste their time watching Minecraft videos. To implement these restrictions, you can use parental control apps such as Safes and YouTube's in app screen time limiter. The in-app settings are only available for accounts under 13. Your screen time settings will not work for accounts older than 13. YouTube Kids shows you how to activate the YouTube app timer feature.



YouTube Kids

  1. The lock icon is located in the lower corner of your screen. The icon can be accessed from any page within the YouTube Kids app. )
  2. Enter your personal passcode, or simply read and enter the numbers that you see.
  3. Click the "Timer” button.
  4. Use the slider bar to set a time limit or use the plus and minus icons.
  5. Select "Start timer."

YouTube will notify your child by activating the settings. It will tell them how much screentime they have. YouTube Kids will notify them when they've used up all of their screen time and close the app.




Safes, a premium parental control app, provides parents with detailed reports on their child's use of apps, including YouTube. It also gives them the tools to restrict or remove certain content. Safes allows you to limit how much time your child spends watching YouTube.

Screen Time Limit

This feature allows you to set different screen time limits per day. The following are the limits:

  • A time interval is the time that the child has access to their screen. Even if your child doesn't use all of their screen time, Safes will block access to any apps outside of this period.
  • Duration: How long your child spends on their device.

Smart Schedule

Screen Time Limit limits the time your child can use their device for, but Smart Schedule allows you set restrictions for each app individually. This feature allows you to place more restrictions on addictive apps such as YouTube, while still allowing your children to use other platforms such as Spotify.


Geofence allows parents to restrict apps' access to certain areas. You can simply select an area from the map and your child will be unable to access YouTube or other apps. Let's suppose you want to prohibit your child from accessing YouTube at school. You can block YouTube from that area by locating their school on the Google map.


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