What to Remember When Writing a Book

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If you become an author and self-publish your work, your mind may leap to book printing services. While how you print your book is important, many factors must be considered before sending it to the press. eBooks and audiobooks are also important considerations, although, for most writers, the lion's share of their sales are in print. Working with editors, cover designers, and other content preparation pros will give your book an advantage. You need it to have all the services you'd receive if a traditional publishing house released your work; your readers have high expectations.

It's also helpful to determine your goals before writing a book. Today, it's increasingly popular for business people and professionals to become authors. The purpose is to get media coverage and gain new clients rather than sell books. It's great if you want to go the conventional route and try to sell books to earn a profit, but there are other benefits to becoming a published author. PR campaigns for businesses can have a tough time earning attention from the media, whereas authors are seen as good guests and newsworthy. If you need PR coverage, a book may be the key to success.

Editors are among an author's most essential partners in the journey of producing a book. If you opt for developmental editing, your editor will help guide the direction of your book even more deeply. Other forms of editing also give suggestions but at later stages of the process. Finding someone who knows your genre and understands what makes a successful book is invaluable. It's the same with a cover designer. People specializing in cover design are familiar with the industry and what works in each genre. You want your book's title and cover to be unique and understandable to readers.

Researching genres, sizing up the competition, and seeing what books are selling best are also wise ideas. Your book idea may fit into more than one genre, and your direction will determine the appropriate category. If you can select one that's hotter selling, it can improve your chances for success. It's vital to offer readers something entertaining or informational. Nonfiction books need to break new ground in their topic areas and give people a solid reason to buy and read them. When you plan your marketing program, clarify why your book is better than others. 

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