Get the Right Child Support Lawyer Orange County for your Case

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Jos Family Law will assist you with a wide range of services to help you through the legal processes like Child Support, Child Custody, Mediation, Alimony, and More.

Time is of the essence if you're a custodial parent and require child support from the other spouse. You must hire an accomplished child support lawyer Orange County to file a petition for the courts to intervene in your case.

If your family has been abandoned by the primary breadwinner of your house, Jos Family Law Firm can step in to win immediate and effective child support orders from the courts. You may choose to be paid directly or receive garnishment of wages from your former spouse's employer.

Child support depends on a lot of facts, and Jos Family Law works hard to ensure that all income disclosures of your former spouse are correctly filed before the court. We understand that child support issues are complex in nature, which is why we ask our clients to trust our proven track record and be rest assured that their case is presented in the most effective manner before the courts so that you and your children's lives are financially secured.

How is Child Support Determined in California?

When a couple goes through a divorce or separation, they may naturally worry about how much support their children would be entitled to. California follows uniform guidelines for child support. However, unlike other states, California's child support laws consider more than just the parents' income capabilities.

The factors that influence child support in California are:

● Gross and net disposable income of each parent;
● The percentage of time that each parent would spend with the child; and
● Other necessary costs for the child, including child care and healthcare.

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Divorce is already tough without the added burden of finances on top of it. At Jos Family Law Firm, we're completely focused on achieving the best results for our clients and their families in all areas of family law.

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