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A key element of feng shui is being aware of where you are and where you are going.

Thousands of years ago, Chinese art and science were associated with feng shui. Any location can be balanced using this method. You can apply metaphysics in your daily life when you learn it and practice it. Good energy directions need to be identified and boosted. A key element of feng shui is being aware of where you are and where you are going. You will be able to promote beneficial energy flow in this way.


Your workplace and home may have a number of energy sources that can be dealt with with Fengshui. According to Fengshui, your surroundings can cause problems if certain elements are present. In order to achieve a balance between the work environment and the home environment, here are some ideas to help you do just that.


There is no connection between it and religion or culture. Wearing a good luck charm isn’t required. There is no quick fix for the problems in your life. Remodeling is not necessary when using Fengshui. Real-world applications are simple to implement. It is possible to prepare yourself properly by studying Feng Shui and Bazi, as well as changing yourself.


Consequently, Fengshui is not about designing interiors or placing lucky items. In order to activate and trap good energies, you should arrange your home in a manner that captures and activates them. It is also important to minimize negative energy.


In Fengshui, the two energies must be balanced. An accurate Fengshui audit will be conducted by these masters in Singapore. In an effort to examine everything in depth, she organizes individualized space-viewing examinations for each customer. This strategy has shown to be both effective and dependable.


Yi Jing Fengshui Master

Yi modern feng shui

It takes no introduction to Yi Jing in Singapore’s Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology circles. As her firm has grown since she founded it in 1995, Yi Jing’s natural affinity for interpreting Feng Shui code and academic expertise is recognized by others.


A home builder, a commercial retailer, and a macro-scale architect, she has worked on major shopping malls, hospitals, and more. A well-known public figure in the field of Feng Shui, Yi Jing has a pleasant sense of humor and a confident, comfortable manner when speaking.


In addition to assisting customers, Yi Jing lectures on Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui. As a result of her incorporation of traditional Feng shui into the modern world, she is providing positive benefits to humans, and she does not sell any Feng shui-related products. TIn traditional Feng Shui, electromagnetic fields are created, balanced, avoided, and connected.


She doesn’t sell Fengshui items, and she uses classical Fengshui in today’s world that produces beneficial effects for humans. In classical Feng Shui, electromagnetic fields are created, balanced, avoided, and connected. Many famous feng shui masters have also been taught by her.


A wise and knowledgeable master, Yi Jing is one of the best in his field. Besides being straightforward and honest, she is unfussy. Despite never having met her, she was able to relate to most of our Bazi after reading it. She gives you advice on overcoming obstacles and shares her opinion. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her for a friendly chat.


You can take up such services for the first time, and Yi Jing is very approachable. The changes she suggests are not expensive and she is objective but realistic. We continue to seek her advice on important decisions because we’ve had a great experience with her.


According to known history, it is a FengShui sect that has been around for several thousand years. A FengShui audit does not include any commercial items, and your house path and water are the only things you must adjust, along with the five elements recognized by metaphysics.


The Yi Jing has provided Fengshui services for residential, commercial, retail, and industrial properties. The consultation fees charged by Yi Jing are reasonable. Several renowned brands in Singapore have engaged her for talks and services.


Also, she has a unique set of skills and gifts that he has used to help a lot of clients both in residential and commercial environments. As well as Yi Modern Fengshui being trained in the spiritual aspect of Fengshui, Yi Jing is also one of the rare experts in such an area.


In fact, Yi Jing is among Singapore’s finest Fengshui consultants due to her skills and gift. Additionally, Yi Jing provides his clients with efficient, professional, and no-nonsense Feng Shui consulting services. In its quest to empower people to embrace the energy, the consultancy strives to be of service.


Using extensive experience and comprehensive Feng Shui knowledge, Yi Jing consistently provides the highest quality and most efficient consultation services.

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