DWAM- India’s most trusted Digital Warranty Activation Management

Digital Warranty Activation Management


DWAM is one of the most preferred QR code technology-based digital warranty activation management techniques for brands. Now, businesses can benefit from Digital Warranty Activation Claim Management through the scanning of QR codes combined with the uploading of bills. A single QR code across every unit does the work.


  • Paperless Warranty registration, activation and management.

  • First-Party Data Gathering up to 35% real-time customer insights analysis to construct enhanced customer-brand engagement.

  • Hassle-free Warranty Activation with Validation via QR code scan 

  • QR Code Technology to streamline and simplify product warranty 

  • Auto Claim Management once the customer registers himself by scanning the QR code

  • Warranty Frauds Elimination with a unique QR code shaped around two-layer factor authentication.

  • Increased Brand Perception with legal tenders, ensuring overall protection for your products, consumers, and brand.