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California has a strict framework for claims of domestic violence. In most cases, domestic violence laws favor the person who claims to be the victim of the abuse. If you're charged with domestic violence in CA, you need an expert domestic violence lawyer Orange County to ensure that you're fairly treated and your rights are respected.


What should be remembered here is that domestic violence doesn't just include physical violence. The mere perception of threat by one spouse may result in a charge for domestic violence. In some instances, the accuser exaggerates or misrepresents the details of the incident to get you convicted.


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We Fight to Protect your Interests
As an experienced domestic violence lawyer Orange County, we have decades of experience in the field. We also understand that there are multiple ways to approach your case, depending on your individual circumstances.


If you haven't committed any offense, our domestic violence lawyers in Orange County are determined to ensure that you aren't convicted for a crime you didn't commit. We work together with you to understand what actually transpired and present the strongest possible case in court to pursue a fair and just decision.


We defend clients against all kinds of domestic violence charges, including:

• Battery
• Assault
• Child abuse
• Criminal threats
• Violation of restraining or protection orders


In case of restraining orders against you, we'll work to get a favorable judgment that minimizes the effect of alternate housing and other things that may disrupt your normal life.


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