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Custom Nuts Nylon locking hexagon nuts mainly rely on the nylon washer in the hexagon nut to play a locking role, which is usually referred to as nylon nut or nylon insert lock nut or just locking nut in the industry. Nylon hex nuts are mainly used in conjunction with threaded screws or bolts for connection. After locking, the nylon ring will deform and fill the gap between the connectors at both ends, thus playing a locking role. Nylon locking hexagon nuts are made of carbon steel or stainless steel. There are garde 4 nylon lock nut, grade 8 nylon lock nut usually with carbon steel. Also there are stainless steel nylon insert hex nut, such as 304 or 316 material. Jinrui can do both materials. The national standard are DIN985 and DIN982. The nylon ring can be blue or white color.The coating can be zinc plated nylon nut, but can not be H.D.G, because H.D.G may damage the nylon ring. One side of the nylon lock nut is hexagonal and the other side is round, and a nylon ring is added to the round side, in order to limit the nut to only be tightened to a certain position. Production Process of Nylon Lock Hex Nut Specification of Nylon Lock Hex Nut d M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M10 M12 M14 M16 M18 e min6.017.668.7911.0512.1214.3818.921.124.4926.7529.56 h max45567.581012141618.5 min3. m min2. s max5.5781011131719222427 min5.326.787.789.7810.7312.7316.7318.6721.6723.6726.16 d M20 M22 M24 M27 M30 M33 M36 M39 M42 M45 M48 e min32.9535.0339.5545.250.8555.3760.7966.4472.0976.9582.6 h max2022242730333639424548 min18.720.722.725.728.731.434.437.440.443.446.4 m min1415151719222527293236 s max3032364146505560657075 min29.16313540454953.858.863.868.173.1 Common Grade and Coating StandardMaterialGradeFinishThread DIN933 DIN931 ISO4014 ISO4017 ASME B 18.2.1carbon steel4.6 4.8 5.8 8.8 10.9 12.9 A2-70 A4-70PlainUNC Zinc plated Alloy steelYellow zinc plated PTFE Stainless steelBlack OxideUNF Dacromet OtherHDG Other Application Area of Nylon Lock Hex Nut The nylon locking hex nuts produced by Jinrui have a wide range of applications. Such as petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, construction, pressure pipelines, rail transit, steel structure engineering, large power generation machinery facilities and infrastructure. Of course, in some specific locations in these fields, other products are also used, such as rail bolts, flange nuts, U-bolts, flat head hex bolts, T-bolts, hex bolts and round head hex bolts. FAQ Q1: Are you a factory or trading company? A: We are manufacturer of hex bolts and nut for more than 20 years . We have two factories, one in Shanghai and the other in Jiangsu. Our production capacity can be 20000 + tons per year. We can customize our products according to customers' requirements, drawings and samples. Q2: How many years you do foreign trade? A: We have more than 20 years experience in exporting products to worldwide countries with our best quality. Now we have exported more than 40 countries, such as Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Lithuania, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore,Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea,Indonesia, Egypt, Philippines and so on. Q3: Do you have enough outputs? A: We have enough stock in warehouses with abundant capital. We offer 24-hour services. For most common standards, we have them on stock, such as hex bolts, hex nuts, etc. Q4: How to ensure that every process's quality? A: First, we have technical drawings for each product when producing. Second, our workers most have more than 10-years experience of doing hex bolts. Third, our QC people will do inspection every 2 hours. If finding the bad parts, they will stop the porduction immediately. Then,the finished parts will be checked again before shipment which insures every product's quality. Q5: How to ensure the safety of long-distance transportation? A: We pack into cartons first, and then pack cartons on pallets. The pallet is very easy to lift by Forklift wihch will protect the cartons from damage. Professional packing teams which keep every packing safely. Q6: What products can you customize? A:One is standard parts, such as DIN933, hex bolts. The other is Non-standard parts. If you want standard parts, you can tell the standard, size, grade(material) ,coating and quantity. For example, you want to buy DIN933, M12X60,grade 8.8, zinc plated and 20000pcs. If you want non-standard parts, you can show us samples, drawings or detail descriptions. Then our engineer will do the technical drawings for you. There are many, such as hexagon bolts, flange bolts, round head square neck bolts, as well as track bolts, U-bolts, T-bolts, flat head hexagon bolts, hex nuts, hex flange nuts . Q7: Can you provide some sample? A: Samples can be provided as your requirements.Custom Nuts website: