The Elden Ring Contains Ten Ruins That Should Be Looted As Quickly As Possible

The Lands Between, which are controlled by Elden Ring gold, are in ruins because they were devastated by an end-of-the-world war fought between demigods


The Lands Between, which are controlled by Elden Ring gold, are in ruins because they were devastated by an end-of-the-world war fought between demigods. Villages, forts, and once-majestic homes have been reduced to ruins and lie in shambles today. Your ability to reliably open treasure chests throughout the rest of the game may have been irreparably damaged by the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. On the other hand, there are a number of them out there that are definitely worth delving into for both pleasure and financial gain.


Ruins at the Gatefront

This one might feel a little obvious, as this collection of broken-down buildings, which are full of Godrick's minions, is likely to be one of your first stops on your journey. However, there is a chance that this will not be your first stop. At the nearby grace, which is also where you will first meet Melina, you will also find one of the earliest map pieces to collect in the area's center. It is possible to escape without the Whetstone Knife if you are trying to avoid the knight who will turn your tarnished into a paste while you are at Gatefront, which is one of the first places with a significant number of enemies. You may also try your hand at the Storm Stomp Ash of War by purchasing it. When you are at a low level, you may be discouraged from going too far in because there are some large angry flowers on top, and this may be compounded by the fact that you will have to fight a Mad Pumpkinhead in the confined space of the cellar. After defeating the boss, you will come across Sorceress Sellen, who will most likely be the first magic tutor you come across and will have her own questline for you to complete later on. Although it is not as necessary for non-magical Tarnished, the questline is interesting enough that you may want to stick around regardless.

Caelum Ruins

Caelum Ruins are one of the locations that you will probably come across early on during your initial forays into the hellscape of Caelid; however, there are a lot of valid reasons why you might choose to ignore this location. using weapons that generate flames. In a small underground room. It is a massive greatshield that takes the form of the face of a fire giant, and it can also be used as a flamethrower. Who could possibly want anything else? Elden Ring Armor is important to keep in mind that it requires 44 strength to even use, so it is possible that it is not for, but it is definitely an enjoyable armament to mess around with. If you were to break into the cellar at this location, you would find a chest that contained the Two Fingers Heirloom. She makes a request for a second Shabriri Grape, and as luck would have it, you can locate one of them among the ruins. In one of the buildings, there is a monstrous dark red slime that tries to run blades through you, and its smaller relatives can be found roaming the area and attacking people. Be careful where you step because there are some clinging to the higher walls. When you have vanquished this hostile individual, a chest that contains the thrusting sword Bloody Helice will become accessible. This dexterity weapon not only deals bleeding damage, but it also possesses a special ability known as Dynast's Finesse. It is rumored that this ability is extremely useful in PvP, particularly for defending against the Rivers of Blood Katana, which is a rather well-known weapon. There is a snoozing Runebear in the middle of the area, and Trina's Lillies surround it on all sides. Blaidd the Half-Wolf can be found perched atop the wall that is the highest point. If you bother the runebear before that, it will likely cause Blaidd to fall off his perch, and he may hold that against you in the future. This is primarily due to the fact that the area is infested with monstrous creatures known as Wormfaces, which spew out deathblight.

There are a lot of things that are worth picking up if you are able to either kill or get around the creepy things that are lurking around the old walls. You can find the Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook 19, which gives you the ability to create the healing Warming Stones. You can also find a Larval Tear, which is used for respecs with Rennala, and the Icon Shield, which is a greatshield that restores health while it is equipped.

Perfumer's Ruins


The Perfumer's Ruins can be found on the westernmost tip of the Altus Plateau


- These ruins smell just like their name suggests

- You should be prepared for the possibility of getting into a fight not only with one or two Perfumers, but also with an Omen Killer who is fully armed, as well as a large number of angry flowers

- You can make your own Spark Aromatic and Uplifting Aromatic fragrances with the help of the Perfumer's Cookbook 1, which can be found in this location along with an extremely rare and desirable perfume bottle

- There is also the Perfumer's Talisman, which raises the amount of damage done by Aromatics that are harmful to the user

- While you're here, you might as well make a purchase of the Omenkiller set as well

- There most certainly is if you are playing a sorcerer build, which is the case

- This is especially helpful considering the fact that Rock Sling is a gravity spell that deals significant damage

Lux Ruins

The Lux Ruins can be found on the Altus Plateau, close to where the Grand Lift of Dectus is located. They are overrun with Demi-Humans, so the presence of the boss who is waiting downstairs won't come as much of a surprise to anyone. You'll find a Demi-Human Queen buried beneath the ruins, and after a relatively straightforward battle with her, you'll be rewarded with a helpful little talisman for your efforts.

If you are at full health when you use the Ritual Sword Talisman, your damage output will increase significantly.