Mastering FC 24: Acquire Juan Cuadrado's Thunderstruck Card Now!

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Step into the realm of FC 24 and enhance your virtual squad with the coveted Juan Cuadrado's Thunderstruck card, a gem for any team. Boasting an overall rating of 87 with exceptional pace, dribbling, and defensive skills, this card personifies Cuadrado's real-life prowess on th

Introduction About Juan Cuadrado

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado Bello, born on the 26th of May 1988, is a distinguished Colombian footballer revered for his exceptional play on the right flank. Embarking on his professional journey with Independiente Medellín, Cuadrado's talent soon beckoned him to European football, where he became a significant figure in Italy's esteemed Serie A. His versatility allows him to adeptly assume various positions on the pitch, including winger, full-back, and wing-back, making him a valuable asset to any team.

In Italy, Cuadrado's career trajectory was a testament to his growing prowess. After a stint with Udinese, his breakthrough came during a loan to Lecce in the 2011–12 season. Although the team faced relegation, Cuadrado's individual brilliance didn't go unnoticed, leading to a move to Fiorentina. There, his skills flourished, earning him a transfer to the Premier League with Chelsea in 2015. However, it was his subsequent loan to Juventus that truly showcased his capabilities. At the Turin-based club, Cuadrado was instrumental in securing multiple Serie A and Coppa Italia titles, solidifying his reputation as a top-tier right midfielder.

Beyond his club success, Cuadrado has also been a stalwart for the Colombia national team, debuting in 2010 and amassing over 110 caps since. His international career is highlighted by participations in five Copa América tournaments, helping Colombia to two third-place finishes, and representing his nation in the 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cups. In June 2023, Cuadrado embarked on a new chapter, signing with Inter Milan, further reinforcing his status as a seasoned and highly skilled right midfielder in the football world.

Juan Cuadrado's Thunderstruck card

In the dynamic world of virtual football, Juan Cuadrado's Thunderstruck card stands out as a formidable Right Midfielder, boasting an impressive overall rating of 87. With a lightning-fast pace rating of 95, Cuadrado zips down the pitch, embodying the epitome of a sharp attacking player. His shooting rating of 81 and dribbling rating of 91 allow him to weave through defenses with precision and power, setting up critical opportunities to strike at the heart of the opposition. Coupled with a passing rating of 85, he can deliver pinpoint crosses and through balls, making him an essential asset for any team looking to dismantle their opponent's defense and clinch victory. Cuadrado's defensive prowess, reflected in an 83 defense rating, and a solid physicality rating of 78, ensure that he is more than capable of holding his own when the tide of the game turns, making the Thunderstruck card a versatile and invaluable addition to any lineup.

How to Obtain Juan Cuadrado's Player Card

There are a few ways to get FC24 coins, each with its own set of steps and potential drawbacks.

  • The first method involves purchasing card packs in the hope of finding Juan Cuadrado's Thunderstruck card. The downside is that it's a game of chance with low odds of success.
  • Another option is to complete SBC (Squad Building Challenges) tasks that may reward you with the card. However, these tasks can be time-consuming and require a strategic collection of other cards to complete the challenges.
  • Lastly, you can acquire FC24 coins by buying the Thunderstruck card directly from the transfer market. While this is a surefire way to get the card, it comes at a steep price of approximately 60,000.00 UT Coins, which may not be feasible for all players.

Fastest Ways to Earn FC 24 Coins

Earning FC 24 Coins traditionally involves selling player cards, completing weekly objectives, or diving into the Draft mode. These methods, while reliable, are time-consuming and can be particularly frustrating for players who wish to quickly bolster their team with top-tier players like the coveted Juan Cuadrado's Thunderstruck card. The grind to accumulate enough FIFA Coins through these conventional means can take several months, leaving many players in search of a faster solution. Enter the lootbar trading platform, a game-changer for those looking to buy fc 24 coins swiftly. Lootbar not only provides a speedy acquisition of coins but also ensures that the process is safe and the coins are cheap compared to other sources. With an initial price of $464 for 5 million FC 24 Coins and an additional 10% discount for new users, reducing the cost to a mere $417, the value is undeniable. The platform guarantees a quick delivery of FIFA Coins through secure trading methods, safeguarding your account from any potential risks. For players eager to secure top talents like Mbappé without the grueling wait, the Lootbar platform is the optimal choice to buy fifa coins and enhance your gaming experience instantly.

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