American Airlines Business Class

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Fly with American Airlines business class to Europe, America, India, Africa & Middle East. Price Starting from $999 for Business Class Flight Tickets.

American Airlines provides affordable business class travel that is comfortable and convenient.

We can help you find the best American Airlines Business Class deals.

All about American Airlines Business Class
American Airlines business class seats have more legroom and allow passengers to move around more easily than other seats. American Airlines offers light business class seats on international destinations.

A transcontinental flight like the American Airlines Boeing777 business class would offer you plenty of space and amenities for work and relaxation.

American Airlines check-in
Flagship Business passengers have access to priority check-in and security lines at airports. Priority boarding is also available for American Airlines business class passengers. They also have access to security lines and priority check-in at airports.

Top European destinations from the United States
We'll help you find the best deal to suit your needs, whether it's work or holiday.

Fly to the best European destinations with American Airlines business class.

Airport for American Airlines business class passengers
American Airlines Business Class passengers can fly on the American Airlines flagship with priority security, check-in and boarding lines. Any problem can be solved by a service agent.

American Airlines Business Class baggage allowance allows two standard bags up to 70 pounds.

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