Cajun Spiced Crab Legs Recipe

In this blog, you will learn step-by-step how to make cajun spiced crab legs with a dash of different flavors. This recipe will help you make crab legs just like the ones served at the best seafood restaurant!


If you are a fan of spicy crabs, then you will love this 'Cajun spiced crab legs” recipe. It takes rather lesser time to prepare this recipe, and then boom; you will be ready to dig in and taste this delicious cajun spiced crab legs meat at home or any best seafood restaurant.


Cajun crab legs are such a treat in the summer. This foolproof recipe is so easy and works well with king crab legs, Dungeness crab legs, and snow crab legs that are easily available in precooked and frozen form in the market.


The comprehensive guide to making cajun spiced crab legs

Preparing cajun spiced crab legs is relatively easy. The most common method to make them is by grilling. There is no need for a big pot or making a mess in the kitchen. Just simply thaw the legs and heat them on the grill. Then crack or split them open and enjoy. Some of the other favorite and easy ways to eat cajun spiced crab legs are baked crab cakes, crab cauliflower fried rice with tomato, corn, crab, and avocado oil salad.


People are fond of grilling the crabs and serving them as a treat to their families. However, you can grill any type of crab legs, which includes golden king, Dungeness crab legs, and snow crab legs. King crabs are probably the most famous type of crab as they are generally the largest and, therefore, have the most meat. Snow crabs are similar to king crabs but have slightly thinner legs. Dungeness crabs have the smallest legs of the three and are famous for their very sweet meat.


There is another type known as 'Alaska king crab legs.' They come in frozen and pre-cooked forms; all you have to do is thaw and reheat them. No matter what kind of crab legs you are making, it is best to thaw your legs before grilling, so they heat up evenly on the inside.


How to thaw cajun spiced crab legs

A quick way to thaw cajun crab legs is to fill your sink with cold water and let them sit in the water for about 20 minutes to half an hour. When thawed properly, rinse the legs well. You can also defrost the crab legs overnight in the refrigerator, but just be careful they do not leak.


How to grill cajun spiced crab legs

Grilling cajun crab legs is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


- Cover the crab legs with olive oil spray and place on a grill heated to medium to high.

- Cover them and cook for about eight to ten minutes on each side until heated through.

- While wearing a glove, use a sharp paring knife to cut lacerations along the side to pull out the meat easily.


Cooking cajun spiced crab legs on the grill is a fun way to get dinner on the table in the summer. Grilled crab meat goes great with just about any side, including brown rice and french fries. People love serving it with corn on the cob. Some other serving suggestions that can be served are summer tomato salad, lemon-parsley potato foil packets, or macaroni salad with tomatoes.


Cajun crab legs are expensive to buy but cheaper than ordering out, so you can rather just make them yourself. The majority of people like to eat cajun crab legs with melted butter, but it is totally optional. The best way is to melt a stick of butter on the stove over medium to low heat while the crab legs are grilling and then squeeze the fresh lemon juice into the butter. Another way is to add some garlic and make garlic butter. Moreover, if you want to skip the butter altogether, fresh lemon squeezed over the cajun spiced crab legs will also be perfect.


How to steam cajun spiced crab legs

Another way to prepare cajun spiced crabs is 'steaming.' Steamed cajun spiced crab legs are tender, sweet, and so easy to cook. In this section, learn how to boil crab for the best cajun crab legs, which you can make right on your stovetop only in 30 minutes, with garlic butter sauce for dipping on the side.


Steaming cajun spiced crab legs

Tender cajun spiced crab leg meat dipped in garlic butter sauce is an irresistible meal that is perfect for a family dinner, or entertaining for holidays like labor day.


Your family will love nothing more than sitting around the table and enjoying a big plate of cajun spiced crab legs together. Seafood dinners are some of everyone's absolute favorites, and what could be better than a steamed cajun crab legs dinner recipe?


Crockery required

-A huge stock pot

-A pair of tongs to remove the crab legs from the pot

-A crab leg cracker (this is optional)


For as delicious and indulgent as steamed cajun crabs, they are also easy to cook. You only need a few tools other than those mentioned above to make a delicious seafood dinner with them.


Start by using a large stock pot to steam cajun crab legs. You need the pot to be big enough so that it can contain the crab legs, whichever method you use, i.e., grilling or steaming. A crab leg cracker is optional, but it is a handy tool.


How to season steamed cajun spiced crab legs

Use the following seasoning for steamed crab legs.

- A pinch of old bay seasoning

- Salt as per your taste

- Precooked or frozen crab legs

- Vegetable or olive oil

- A can of light beer

- Corn cob halves (This is optional to use)


Cajun crab leg seasoning is a matter of preference. Steaming permits you to infuse the meat with more flavor, so you can use just a bit of seasoning and get the most delicious results.


Process of steaming cajun spiced crab legs

- Fill a huge pot with a quarter full of water. Leave plenty of space for the crab legs. Slowly bring them to a boil.

- Now add old bay seasoning, a pinch of salt, some vegetable oil, and beer.

- Now, put the crab legs in the pot and bring the water back to a boil. Start steaming the crab legs for five minutes.

- After this, carefully remove the legs using tongs and set them aside. Put a lid on it and cover them to keep them warm.

- At this point, you are allowed to make it a crab boil. Add some frozen corn cobs to the same pot and bring it to a boil. Now serve with lemon garlic butter sauce.


The whole cooking process of steaming the cajun spiced crab legs only takes about five minutes. If you want to double-check whether the crab legs are done or not, check for the coloration. Crab meat is perfectly cooked when it has an opaque white or an orange or red coloration to it.



Preparing cajun spiced crab legs is an easy way to have an impressive seafood dinner at home or at any juicy seafood restaurant that your family and guests will rave about. There is nothing more delish than juicy crab leg meat with a side of garlic butter on your table. Happy eating