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In this post, we will examine a natural product that may help you maintain heart health and blood pressure control.

What is the CardioShield nutritional supplement?

New Alpha Nutrition is the creator of the all-natural product Cardio Shield for heart health. This organization dedicates time, money, and research to helping individuals live healthier lives. Cardio Shield works by increasing nitric oxide levels in the blood, which decreases blood pressure and eliminates arterial plaque.

When this tablet minimizes the inflammatory reaction, blood vessels may begin to heal, allowing the user to feel younger and more equipped to face any physically demanding endeavor. This medication reduces inflammation in the body, which means that in just seven seconds it may unblock your arteries so that your heart can get enough blood flow.

Formulation of the dietary supplement improves blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body to maintain normal blood pressure. Cardi Shield’s potent and natural ingredients help maintain balanced blood pressure, safeguard the heart’s vitality, and reduce the excessive production of damaging free radicals.

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CardioShield also includes an antioxidant component that looks for a natural approach to assist you combat the superoxide anion, a blood pressure molecule that causes the heart’s pressure to increase to harmful levels by causing blood vessels to constrict more rapidly.

Moreover, by controlling nitric oxide levels throughout the body, it promotes optimal blood pressure, arterial repair, and general health improvement.

CardioShield seems to be the ideal dietary supplement for persons who are anxious about high blood pressure. The bulk of individuals who need it are middle-aged, but since even young people are at risk for hypertension nowadays, everyone may benefit from these natural medicines. It is simple to consume, and it just takes a few period for your blood vessels to recuperate.

How does CardioShield work?

The CardioShield supplement is specially formulated to restore heart health and blood pressure levels by managing blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

CardioShield operates by neutralizing the chemicals responsible for elevated blood pressure, superoxide anions. These chemicals decrease the quantities of nitric oxide, which is vital because it may dilate blood arteries and facilitate blood flow. A deficit in nitric oxide causes blood arteries to constrict, therefore reducing the space available for blood circulation. High blood pressure is the result of this increased strain on the heart.

Superoxide anions also affect the proteins involved in the regeneration of your arteries. Cardio Shield acts by targeting superoxide radicals to remove them and naturally increasing nitric oxide synthesis to dilate veins and arteries and improve blood flow.

DNA synthesis damage may also induce a drop in blood nitric oxide levels, resulting in a rise in blood pressure, according to research and analysis conducted at a prestigious institution.

By taking CardioShield on a daily basis, you will get sufficient nutrients to sustain and balance your DNA and nitric acid levels, so supporting healthy blood and oxygen circulation.

CardioShield Ingredients

The following are the primary components of Cardio Shield. In addition to the components listed below, it also includes Uva Ursi and Buchu Leaf.

  • Hawthorn Branches

The flavonoids and antioxidants found in Hawthorn Leaf may decrease inflammation and protect against heart disease. Tannins, chemicals that have been demonstrated to decrease cholesterol levels, are also present in hawthorn leaf. Historically, hawthorn leaf was used to alleviate high blood pressure and chest discomfort. It may be administered orally or topically.

It is believed that the active components in Hawthorn Leaf combine synergistically to produce health advantages. Flavonoids present in Hawthorn Leaf, such as quercetin, may inhibit oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol and reduce inflammation. Tannins, such as those present in Hawthorn Leaf, may stimulate the liver’s excretion of bile acids, so regulating cholesterol levels. Hawthorn Leaf may also inhibit platelet aggregation, which helps maintain clean arteries.

  • Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a tropical blooming plant native to Africa and Asia. The anthocyanins found in hibiscus blossoms are potent antioxidants. Anthocyanins may aid in the prevention of heart disease by shielding cells from free radical damage. They may also support healthy blood vessel function.

Rooibos tea, also known as Hibiscus sabdariffa, is brewed from the leaves of this hibiscus species. Polyphenols, including catechins, epicatechins, and gallic acid, are abundant in Rooibos tea. Antioxidant polyphenols may provide protection against heart attack and stroke. Additionally, Rooibos Tea may help reduce harmful cholesterol and triglycerides.

How does hibiscus, which contains several helpful elements, function? Hibiscus anthocyanins seem to exert their effects on the body via many methods. First, they may block the action of fat-producing enzymes. Second, they may aid in the breakdown of lipids into energy that the body can utilize. Thirdly, they may promote the secretion of insulin, an essential hormone that controls blood sugar levels. Fourthly, they may inhibit fat absorption. Lastly, they may aid in reducing inflammation.

The consumption of hibiscus tea may prevent against heart attacks and strokes. The antioxidant component of hibiscus tea may potentially aid in cancer prevention. According to studies, persons who frequently consume hibiscus tea had reduced incidences of some forms of cancer than those who do not.

  • The Olive Leaf

Olive leaves contain phenolic chemicals that may provide cardiovascular protection. Oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, luteolin, apigenin, and caffeic acid are phenolic chemicals. By limiting the accumulation of plaque inside the coronary arteries, these chemicals may protect against heart disease. Olive leaves may also aid in the prevention of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). This condition raises the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Olive seeds are the source of olive oil. It is one among the world’s most extensively used oils. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids, which may help reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides. It may also protect against cardiovascular disease.

How Does Olive Leaf work?

Olive leaf phenols may protect the heart by reducing cholesterol levels and limiting the development of germs that cause infections. Moreover, olive leaves may inhibit the production of blood clots. Blood clotting factors may be triggered by oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL), sometimes known as “bad” cholesterol. Oxidized LDL may contribute to the progression of atherosclerosis.

Olive leaf may potentially help prevent cardiovascular disease by regulating blood pressure. High blood pressure is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

  • Garlic

During history, garlic has been utilized to cure a range of ailments. The garlic plant grows underground and is a member of the onion family. The bulb of this plant has two parts: the root and the stem. When the stems reach a length of around 6 inches, the bulb is picked. Garlic may be purchased fresh or dried. Storage of fresh garlic should be at room temperature. Garlic powder must be refrigerated.

Alliinase, which is present in garlic, transforms the sulfur-containing molecule alliin into thiosulfinates, such as allicin. Allicin is responsible for raw garlic’s intense odor. When garlic is cooked, the enzyme is deactivated and allyl sulfides are the resultant compound. In addition to vitamins A, B1, C, E, and K, garlic also includes magnesium, folic acid, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium.

Allicin is thought to have a function in heart protection. Allicin aids in the maintenance of healthy blood arteries and inhibits platelet aggregation. Platelets are tiny blood cells that aid in the formation of blood clots. When injured, they create a clot by sticking together. If these clots dislodge, they may move to the brain or lungs, causing a stroke or pulmonary embolism.

  • Vitamins (C, B6, and B12) (C, B6, and B12)

Vitamin C is necessary for keeping healthy teeth and bones. Vitamin C also contributes to the synthesis of collagen, a protein found in connective tissue. Collagen is vital for maintaining the elasticity and firmness of skin. Vitamin C aids in the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells transport oxygen via the circulatory system.

By decreasing inflammation, vitamin C may aid in lowering the risk of heart disease. Inflammation damages the inner lining of arterial walls. This leads to atherosclerosis, or the hardening of the arteries. Atherosclerosis is a major contributor to heart attacks and strokes.

According to a research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vitamin C may help prevent cardiovascular disease. More than 1,000 men without heart disease symptoms but at high risk because of diabetes, hypertension, or cigarette smoking were investigated by researchers. Half of the individuals were given 500 mg of vitamin C daily, while the other half were given a placebo. After three years, individuals receiving vitamin C had a reduced mortality risk from any cause than those receiving a placebo.

Researchers from Harvard University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that those who consumed vitamin C-rich foods had a lower chance of getting coronary heart disease. This was true even among those without higher levels of specific cardiac disease-related indicators.

  • Juniper Berries

Europe and Asia are the natural habitats of the juniper berry (Juniperus communis). It is currently planted on every continent. Juniper berries contain the antioxidant flavonoids. Free radicals are chemicals that harm cell membranes and DNA. Flavonoids provide protection against these molecules. During regular metabolism, free radicals are generated. These chemicals may also assist in lowering cholesterol levels.

In one trial, researchers fed rats either juniper berries or 10 percent juniper berries. Rats fed a diet containing juniper had much less plaque accumulation in their arteries than rats fed a control diet. Moreover, the rats given juniper had greater levels of HDL or “good” cholesterol.

Another research investigated the effects of juniper berry consumption on human volunteers. Twenty patients every day ingested 15 grams of dried juniper berries, whereas the remaining 20 patients consumed a placebo. Both groups followed the same eating regimen. At the conclusion of the 12-week experiment, the group that consumed juniper had considerably lower levels of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

  • Folate

Folic acid occurs naturally in spinach and other green leafy plants. Folic acid is required for proper cell division and development. In the absence of folic acid, homocysteine accumulates in the circulation. High homocysteine levels may cause blocked arteries and stroke.

National Institutes of Health researchers examined the association between folate consumption and heart attack risk. They examined data from many research encompassing over one hundred thousand women. All of these ladies had received a breast cancer diagnosis. Some had taken folic acid supplements. Others had not done so.

Women who took folic acid supplements were less likely to have a heart attack than those who did not. After adjusting for variables such as age, smoking status, alcohol intake, body mass index, physical activity level, and family history of heart disease, the findings were same.

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Does This Supplement Have Any Adverse Repercussions?

Cardio Shield contains only all-natural ingredients. Consequently, it should not have any adverse side effects. People who are not acclimated to Cardio Shield’s components, such as hibiscus or green tea extract, may experience headaches and dizziness after taking it for the first time.

However, these minor side effects are a consequence of the body responding to the new natural ingredients. People with recurring headaches and vertigo should see a physician. This dietary supplement is not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment.

What Does the Scientific Literature Say About Cardio Shield And Its Claims?

Most of Cardio Shield’s claims are supported by scientific proof. Several health problems may be traced to superoxide anions, and numerous research have examined their relationship with blood pressure. This research focuses on the connection between superoxide anions and hypertension, which often causes high blood pressure.

The components employed in this dietary supplement are also not arbitrary. Scientists have investigated each of these to determine their advantages. This research from 2014 describes how hibiscus, one of the primary constituents in Cardio Shield, may be beneficial for decreasing blood pressure.

The supplement also contains green tea extract, which is recognized as one of nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants and has several health advantages outlined in this study.

Thus, it is fair to claim that the CardioShield supplement’s ingredients have the potential to be beneficial.

Where Can the CardioShield dietary supplement be Purchased?

CardioShield is available solely on the company’s website. There are no retail establishments or internet merchants carrying them. Cardio Shield is exclusively available at

Any other site claiming to offer the supplement may not supply the genuine article.

To guarantee that you get the authentic CardioShield, ensure that you only order it from the above-mentioned official website. When you buy the supplement straight from our website, you may take advantage of incredible savings and other perks.

Cardio Shield Price

Cardio Shield is one of the most reasonably-priced supplements we’ve encountered in recent times. Each container of the dietary supplement provides enough tablets for a month’s supply. You may purchase the supplement in either individual bottles or monthly combination packs, as shown below:

  • $59 per bottle for a one-month supply
  • Three-month supply priced at $49 each bottle for a total of $147
  • Six-month supply at $39 each bottle, totaling $234

When ordered through the official CardioShield website, all of these items are mailed for free inside the United States.

Is a money-back guarantee available?

Each supplement purchase is protected by a 180-day money-back guarantee. The manufacturers of the supplement promise that if you are disappointed with the product or do not notice any advantages, you can return it and get a full refund.

You may simply call their US-based customer support staff to schedule a pickup. Once they have received the empty or full containers, they will provide a complete, no-questions-asked refund.

The Cardio Shield Review: Conclusion

These medications may facilitate the prevention of undesirable health conditions. CardioShield tablets are not as beneficial as taking better care of yourself and doing what’s best for your health, but they do provide help.

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