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USA Folixine is a Gummies tablet that promises to regenerate hair and treat baldness.

Eating one Folixine gummy each day is said to “revoke” baldness using an ancient Namibian technique supported by 100,000 satisfied clients.

Does Folixine work? How can Folixine cause hair growth? Continue reading our review to learn all you need to know about Folixine and its current effectiveness.

What is Folixine?

Folixine is an online-only hair growth supplement sold only at

usa folixine gummies reviews


The supplement was created in accordance with a Himba tribal tradition. The Himba people of Namibia are renowned for their long, thick hair. Folixine mimics the effects of these nutrients, which are a regular part of their hair development regimen, to provide comparable outcomes. claims that the supplement will reverse baldness, boost hair density, and promote hair regrowth “even if you’re as bald as an egg.”

According to the official website, by taking two Folixine Gummies everyday and allowing the ingredients to operate, Folixine will reverse hair loss and restore hair.

How Does Folexine Work?

Just two treatments for baldness have been authorized by the FDA, including minoxidil and finasteride. How does Folixine function? Will Folixine help men and women regenerate hair?

The manufacturers of Folixine refer to the supplement as a “super cocktail” that will “grow your hair by at least 2,200 strands per square inch.” The supplement claims that “more than 120,000 men and women” have seen hair regrowth.

According to the manufacturers of Folixine, large pharmaceutical corporations discourage hair loss treatments on purpose. Each year, they generate billions of dollars from bald men and women.

According to doctors, hair loss is inevitable and a typical consequence of genetics, hormones, and lifestyle.

Yet, the manufacturers of Folixine assert that baldness is entirely voluntary. According to, by taking Folixine everyday, you may prevent baldness, regrow lost hair, correct a receding hairline, and treat any hair issue you’ve ever had.

Folixine Benefits

According to, consuming Folixine everyday offers the following advantages:

  • Get denser, fuller hair
  • Remove bald patches.
  • Repair a hazardous leak that is the source of hair loss.
  • Increase the amount of hairs generated by each follicle by two, three, or even four every week.
  • Method clinically shown to work for both men and women.
  • Boost energy levels, improve social life, and aid in weight loss.

In other words, Folixine claims to treat practically every important issue that men and women with hair loss encounter worldwide.

Folixine Repairs a Hazardous Leak Inside the Body

According to the manufacturers of Folixine, the underlying cause of hair loss is “a deadly leak occurring inside your body at this very now.”

This leak causes baldness, a receding hairline, hair loss, poor hair development, and other problems over time.

Folixine aims to seal this leak utilizing the Himba tribe’s secret, enabling you to regenerate hair, repair bald areas, and experience fuller and longer hair within weeks.

Folixine allegedly provides the following advantages by repairing the hazardous leak in the body:

  • Accelerate hair development and expel lactic acid that has collected beneath the scalp.
  • Heal the damage to your scalp and initiate hair regrowth in balding regions.
  • Remove the obstruction in your sweat glands that forces your body to remove growth nutrients through perspiration.
  • Control the lactic acid in your sweat to reactivate hair cellular development.

Problems with baldness and hair loss have been caused by these obstructions for years or decades. With time, the body ceases to combat these obstructions. Folixine seeks to provide your body with a secret edge by repairing scalp damage and accelerating hair growth in many ways.

Who Make Folixine?

John Linkletter was the inventor of folixine. John Linkletter is a UConn School of Medicine graduate.

John began losing his hair at age 19. Throughout the years, he has collaborated with several renowned physicians. He has also addressed disorders affecting the scalp and hair. He claims to have personally treated people with, among other conditions, alopecia areata, male pattern baldness, atopic dermatitis, telogen effluvium, and chemotherapy-induced hair loss.

John also claims to have helped to the creation of finasteride, one of two therapies for hair loss authorized by the FDA.

John’s baldness remained unsolved despite his 35 years of expertise treating hair loss and scalp disorders — until he traveled to Namibia.

John and his wife visited a distant indigenous Himba tribe on a trip to Namibia. These group conducted the Saqqaramaba, a religious rite for hair development.

Despite not utilizing modern shampoos, conditioners, or hair treatments, the Himba tribespeople have renowned thick, black hair.

Rich individuals from across the globe reportedly go to the Himba tribe to partake in this ceremony and regrow their hair. According to John, the Saqqaramaba rite is effective for “nine out of ten” patients.

John found the plants and herbs used in the Saqqaramaba ritual, to make a long tale short. He returned to the United States with the components, tried them on himself, and was quickly healed of his baldness.

What to Expect While Taking Folixine Before selling it to the rest of the world, John tested Folixine on himself. He copied the precise list of materials and quantities used in the Saqqaramaba rite, then employed it on himself upon his return to the United States.

What followed is as follows:

John recorded every item, plant, and herb used by the Himba tribe in the Saqqaramaba ceremony.

He carried the ingredients home and sipped his own created drink.

John did not detect any changes for the first four days, but he reported feeling stronger than normal and that “something strange was occurring inside of me.”

Following “a few days” after ingesting the cocktail for the first time, John saw that his “bald crown was covered with hair” in the mirror.

John asserts that, for the first time in decades, he saw “hundreds of new hairs sprouting and covering” his head.

In a few days, John saw that “more and more hair emerged on [his] scalp” and that his hair loss was almost eliminated.

He soon got a full head of “strong, thick hair” and felt like a completely different person.

John, inspired by his accomplishment, decided to replicate the cocktail and share it with the world as Folixine.

John collaborated with Dr. Krausz to create and enhance the recipe before releasing it to the public.

Folixine: A Step-by-Step Manual

According to the official website, folixine operates through a four-step procedure. Each gummy’s strong nutrients are absorbed by the body, which subsequently regrows hair.

This is how Folixine functions:

  • Step 1) Your Body Absorbs the Nutrients Included in Each Folixine Gummy: Initially, Folixine absorbs each of the gummy’s 12 constituents. These substances address hair loss concerns in various ways. Certain components clear the obstruction inside your sweat glands, allowing your body to expel development nutrients through perspiration. Others adjust lactic acid levels in perspiration to reactivate hair cell development.
  • Step 2: Folixine Removes Scalp Blockages and Commences Healing: Folixine then prepares the scalp for subsequent hair development by healing scalp damage. Folixine must first clear scalp blockages that lead to hair loss before it can promote hair growth. Folixine employs a mixture of vitamins A and C for this stage, which accelerate hair development, expel lactic acid, and strengthen hair roots for optimum growth.
  • Step 3: Folixine normalizes the hair growth cycle: Folixine then begins to truly regenerate your hair. Folixine includes components such as vitamin D3 to treat your sweaty head conditions, which are producing baldness. It also includes biotin to stimulate hair growth and repair keratin synthesis. Vitamin E, salt, iodine, folate, and vitamin B6 assist in regrowing hair in regions where it has stopped growing.
  • Step 4) Build a Natural Armor to Protect Yourself From Hair Loss: Lastly, Folixine seeks to protect you against loss of hair and revive your whole body, allowing you to observe a difference in balding and thinning places over time. Folixine may facilitate the elimination of bad cholesterol from the circulation, facilitate weight loss, and decrease tension and anxiety, among other advantages, during this phase.

Folixine Ingredients

usa folixine gummies ingredients label


Folixine comprises a combination of plants, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that promote hair regrowth. Several of these plants originate from the Namibian Himba tribe, where they are used in a ceremonial. Others are derived from traditional medicine.

Folixine is comprised of 12 components, the majority of which are vitamins and minerals supported by substantial study.

Some of Folixine’s active components include:

Vitamin D3: Known as the “star element” of Folixine, vitamin D3 helps prevent baldness by combating sweaty heads. One of the most prominent signs of vitamin D3 insufficiency is a perspiring head and profuse perspiration. As you perspire, it is more difficult for your hair to regenerate. According to, this is why many bald guys have glossy heads. Folixine’s vitamin D3 reportedly aids in this regard, regrowing hair and bringing lactic acid under control.

Biotin: Biotin is a B vitamin. Because to its shown effects on keratin, biotin is included in practically all hair and nail supplements globally. The manufacturers of Folixine claim that their biotin comes from “rare algae discovered in the Indian Ocean.” According to the company, biotin repairs keratin synthesis in the hair, which has been interrupted by lactic acid accumulation, hence promoting follicle development and avoiding age-related hair loss.

Folixine also includes vitamin E, B6, folate, salt, and iodine, in addition to other vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals function in a variety of ways to achieve the same objective: accelerating hair growth on bald patches and enhancing length and density.

Folixine contains amino acids that stimulate hair regrowth. Amino acids may facilitate the delivery of oxygen and blood to the scalp, hence promoting hair growth.

African Marula Tree Extract: Several of Folixine’s constituents are taken from the African Marula tree, which is the tree utilized in the traditional hair growth recipe of the Himba tribe. The tree, also known as Sclerocarya birrea, is high in the Folixine formula’s vitamin E, vitamin B3, iron, calcium, potassium, and amino acids. While it does not seem that Folixine contains African Marula tree extract directly, the recipe was influenced by this tree.

Scientific Proof of Folixine

John claims to have done many studies on Folixine to confirm that it works as stated to treat baldness, regenerate hair in bald patches, and assist anybody in growing thicker, longer hair.

He tried the formula on himself first. After a few days of supplementation, his bald head was covered with small hairs. In a few weeks, for the first time in decades, he once again had a full head of thick, robust hair.

Inspired by his accomplishment, John recruited 120 people to participate in a more official test. This is what transpired:

John and Dr. Krausz, his colleague, recruited 120 participants.

The participants ranged in age from 20 to 65 and had varying degrees of hair loss, ranging from full baldness to modestly receding hairlines; some had been entirely bald for decades, while others had just recently noticed hair loss problems.

John and Dr. Krausz requested that each participant take Folixine every day.

As soon as the test started, their phones began to “call like crazy” with participants praising the recipe.

Participants said that they regained their thick, lustrous hair much better than before their hair loss began.

As evidence, displays before-and-after photographs of individuals whose hair regrew, baldness was treated, and hair loss was promptly reversed after using Folixine.

According to, “100% of subjects” gained hair density and decreased bald spots “in only a few weeks” after taking Folixine.

Despite being one of the most effective studies on hair loss in human history, John and Dr. Krausz choose not to publish the research in a peer-reviewed publication, nor do they reveal any more information about the study online.

Vitamin D is described as the “star component” by the manufacturer of Folixine. While sunlight is the greatest source of vitamin D, some individuals take vitamin D supplements or consume vitamin D-fortified foods. Studies have linked vitamin D to hair loss, despite the fact that vitamin D is seldom associated with hair loss. In this 2021 study, researchers discovered that vitamin D has a crucial role in hair follicle proliferation and many hair signaling pathways. Researchers also discovered a relationship between vitamin D insufficiency and hair loss. If you don’t receive enough vitamin D, it might actually hinder hair development.

In addition to biotin, a B vitamin, several hair and nail development supplements include folic acid. According to a research published in 2017, biotin is associated with clinically enhanced hair and nail development. Researchers analyzed thousands of randomized clinical studies on biotin and discovered that it helped with brittle nail syndrome, hair problems, and overall hair development.

The components in Folixine have been related to aiding hair development, including the growth and strengthening of existing hair. As described on, there is no proof that the minimal amount of active components in each Folixine gummy will restore hair in bald areas, reverse baldness, or promote hair growth over the scalp.

Folixine Price

Folixine costs between $49 and $69 each bottle. Each container includes 30 gummies, plenty for 30 days. One gummy is used daily to regenerate hair, treat baldness, and enhance hair growth and density.

You may purchase Folixine solely from, where it is priced as follows:

  • One (30-Day Supply) Bottle: $69 plus $9.95
  • Three Bottles (90-Day Supply): $177 + Free U.S. Shipping
  • 6 Bottles (180-Day Supply) for $294 + Free Delivery in the U.S

Folixine Refund Policy

Folixine is supported by a money-back guarantee valid for sixty days.

Within sixty days, you are entitled to a refund if Folixine failed to treat your baldness or stop your hair loss. The company suggests obtaining a refund even if Folixine was successful in treating your bald areas but you were unsatisfied with the amount of hair growth.

About Folixine

Folixine is produced at an FDA-approved and GMP-certified plant in the United States. The company asserts that sterile, stringent, and accurate conditions are used.

John Linkletter, who has 35 years of expertise treating people with hair loss and scalp disorders, developed the supplement. John collaborated with his colleague Dr. Krausz to create the recipe.

You may reach the Folixine manufacturer and customer support team through the following:


Words of Conclusion

Folixine is a hair loss product sold to men and women who want to reverse hair loss, treat baldness, and regenerate hair using natural components.

Folixine promises to restore hair growth within weeks with no adverse effects and a hundred percent success record, based on a traditional formula from a hamlet in Namibia.

To discover more about Folixine and the way it works, or to buy the gummy now, visit, in which all purchases are backed by a six – month money-back guarantee.

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