Ikaria Slim Reviews Consumer Reports – Does Ikaria Slim Ingredients Work?

IkariaSlim is a drinkable weight reduction product based on a 7-second Greek island rite.

It is claimed that by taking IkariaSlim everyday, undesirable fat may be eliminated in less than 30 days. The recipe comprises a combination of herbs, plant extracts, minerals, and other substances.

In this review, you will learn all you need to know regarding IkariaSlim and how it works.

What is IkariaSlim?

IkariaSlim is an exclusive online-only weight reduction product available at IkariaSlim.com.

IkariaSlim is priced between $49 and $69 each bottle and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, two free extras, and free international delivery.

The producer of IkariaSlim, located in Florida, designed the supplement to help you lose weight safely, effortlessly, and naturally — without depending on toxins or weight reduction pills marketed by large pharmaceutical firms.

Ikaria Slim Premier Vitality Reviews


The manufacturer of IkariaSlim describes the supplement and its benefits as follows:

“IkariaSlim is now the world’s most successful weight reduction treatment. IkariaSlim helps restore energy levels and general wellness to regular levels.”

In as little as 27 days, you may supposedly lose undesirable fat by using IkariaSlim drops everyday.

All IkariaSlim components are taken from the tiny Greek island of Ikaria, one of the world’s five “blue zones.” The inhabitants of Ikaria live, on average, longer than humans nearly anyplace else on the planet.

IkariaSlim Benefits

According to IkariaSlim.com, the following advantages are associated with the weight reduction drops:

  • Put your body’s fat-burning powers into constant overdrive.
  • Get rid of fat from your body
  • Remove the underlying cause of weight gain
  • Promote optimal blood pressure and cardiovascular health overall
  • Support healthy glucose levels

Who Create Ikaria Slim?

Rick Jackson developed the IkariaSlim program. Formerly a lieutenant in the United States Navy, he is now the manager of a steel company in Colorado.

Jackie, the wife of Rick, acquired weight throughout their marriage. She struggled with weight gain and its side repercussions.

Rick said that Jackie had done “everything” to reduce weight. She tried, for instance, the keto, paleo, Atkins, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers diets. She tried jogging, P90X, purchasing a Peloton, and other popular routines. Nothing succeeded.

Jackie’s weight loss troubles reached a crucial point one day. She slumped at the mall while utterly unconscious. Rick called 911 after she suffered a heavy fall. Arriving paramedics transported Jackie to the hospital.

Doctors in the hospital advised Jackie to reduce weight. Jackie had previously tried consuming less calories and exercising more after being advised to do so.

Rick began searching for natural, simple weight reduction techniques that Jackie might do to lose weight swiftly in a safe, simple, and healthy manner. His inquiry eventually took him to an island in Greece.

IkariaSlim Utilizes Effective, All-Natural Ingredients from the Island of Ikaria

Ikaria, a Greek island, is renowned for its longevity and healthy lifestyle. Dr. Panos instructed Jackie to take a particular combination of substances to aid with her weight loss. Eventually, these substances constituted the foundation of IkariaSlim.

Here is how Dr. Lucas Panos utilized natural herbs from the island of Ikaria to help Jackie lose weight:

  • Dr. Lucas Panos wanted to develop a solution that Jackie could apply in about seven seconds every day.
  • Dr. Panos desired for this treatment to have a “instant effect” on Jackie’s health and assist her in fast reducing weight and enhancing her wellbeing.
  • All formula components required to be supplied from the Greek island of Ikaria.
  • All formula elements have to be easily digestible and simple to take everyday.
  • According to Dr. Panos, the inhabitants of Ikaria ingest these components daily.

Dr. Panos collaborated with a team to create the most effective weight reduction solution in order to preserve Jackie’s life and assist her in losing weight. He overnighted the formula to the United States, where Jackie took it to reduce weight swiftly.

Jackie Lost Almost 1 Pound Per Day Using IkariaSlim.

Jackie got the prescribed solution from Dr. Panos and started to lose weight swiftly.

Here’s what happened to Jackie when she began taking IkariaSlim every day:

  • Rick and Jackie “started seeing results quickly” after using the IkariaSlim trial version.
  • Within the first week, Jackie and Rick dropped 5 and 4 pounds, respectively, and reported increases in mental clarity and energy.
  • Jackie and Rick claimed to engage in no other intense activity save evening jogging after dusk.
  • Jackie dropped an additional 5 pounds in the second week, for a total of 10 pounds in the first 14 days of using IkariaSlim.
  • After one month of using IkariaSlim, Jackie was just 16 pounds away from achieving her weight reduction objective.

Rick hailed IkariaSlim as “the answer my wife Jackie, myself, and our whole family had longed for” due to the fact that they had both attained their weight reduction objectives using the 7-second technique.

How does IkariaSlim Work?

IkariaSlim employs components taken from the Greek island of Ikaria to promote quick weight loss and maintenance.

Each of the active substances in IkariaSlim is not only indigenous to the Greek island of Ikaria, but also a staple of the Ikarians’ natural diet. According to Dr. Lucas Panos, who helped develop the supplement, many Ikarians consume these meals everyday to improve their health, lengthen their lifespan, and maintain their weight.

Each day, one liquid dose of IkariaSlim is consumed for weight loss. Some individuals use IkariaSlim drops to their morning coffee. Others add water to it. IkariaSlim is unflavored, so it may be readily mixed with anything.

Each liquid dose of IkariaSlim includes, among other components, L-carnitine, raspberry ketones, glucomannan, and vitamin B12. These nutrients function in various ways to aid in weight loss.

Some of the elements in IkariaSlim are high-fiber sources that assist you physically eliminate waste from the body. For example, glucomannan is a common source of fiber. Other IkariaSlim components enhance metabolism, allowing you to naturally burn more calories each day and achieve your weight reduction objectives.

IkariaSlim Ingredients

IkariaSlim comprises six components from the Greek island of Ikaria. To aid in weight loss, these components include herbs, plant extracts, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients, and others.

Here are the components of IkariaSlim and how they function:


L-Carnitine, an amino acid needed for fat metabolism and energy production, is the number one super ingredient. The brain, liver, and kidneys produce L-carnitine, which is subsequently used to convert fat into energy. If your levels of L-carnitine are low, your body may not convert as much fat into energy as it should. According to Dr. Lucas Panos, high L-carnitine levels are associated with weight reduction, which explains why some individuals may consume an unhealthy diet without gaining weight: they have greater L-carnitine levels than others. L-carnitine supplementation had a moderate but substantial impact on body weight, BMI, and fat mass, particularly in overweight and obese individuals, according to a research published in 2020.

As a popular substance for weight reduction, raspberry ketones boost metabolism, aid in fat burning, and suppress hunger, among other advantages. According to Dr. Panos, raspberry ketones are a popular component on the island of Ikaria because, among other advantages, they boost fat breakdown, limit weight growth in the liver, and minimize the accumulation of abdominal fat around your organs.

Super Ingredient: Glucomannan

IkariaSlim includes glucomannan, which prevents your body from absorbing fat from meals. As a form of fiber, glucomannan sits in the stomach to enhance feelings of fullness and help you consume less calories naturally. In a 2013 study published in the Journal of Obesity, researchers determined that consuming 1.33 grams of glucomannan per day for eight weeks was safe for all participants, despite the fact that glucomannan did not enhance weight reduction compared to a placebo. In another trial, researchers discovered that glucomannan led to an average weight reduction of 5.5 pounds over a period of 8 weeks, while also lowering cholesterol levels.

Vitamin B12

Many vegans and vegetarians are deficient in vitamin B12 since there are few acceptable organic sources of the essential vitamin. Vitamin B12 is essential for energy and metabolism, and a deficiency may lead you to feel lethargic. According to the manufacturers of IkariaSlim, vitamin B12 provides the body with long-lasting energy and aids in the conversion of fat and protein into energy.

Vitamin B6

Another B vitamin, vitamin B6 is an essential water-soluble vitamin that the body cannot make on its own. You need to receive vitamin B6 from your food. According to Dr. Lucas Panos, IkariaSlim’s vitamin B6 stimulates weight reduction by aiding in fat metabolism and decreasing water retention.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Extraordinary Ingredient No. 6: Green Tea Leaf Extract In China and Japan, green tea leaf extract has been utilized to promote general health and wellbeing for millennia. However, according to Dr. Panos, green tea grows naturally on the Greek island of Ikaria, where it has played an important role in health and wellbeing for years. IkariaSlim’s green tea extract may improve the activity of norepinephrine, a hormone associated with fat burning. Natural antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is also associated with the antioxidant properties of green tea extract.

These six active substances may help you reach your weight loss and fat burning objectives.

Ikaria Slim Ingredients Label


Scientific Evidence for IkariaSlim

According to the official website, the mixture has assisted 117,948 individuals in losing a substantial amount of weight in a short length of time. In fact, the maker claims that more than 117,000 individuals have dropped “24 pounds” on average “in a completely safe way” using the mixture.

Prior to offering IkariaSlim online, Dr. Lucas and Mr. Jackson undertook a significant clinical investigation to confirm the formula’s weight reduction efficacy. According to IkariaSlim.com, here are the findings of the test:

Rick ran advertisements on local classified sites, Google Search, and Facebook in search of individuals of various races, ages, and genders who were attempting to reduce weight.

Rick got hundreds of mails from individuals eager to participate in the experiment.

Rick and Dr. Lucas conducted double-blind tests on all patients, claiming them as “complete trials” that matched the “gold standard” of testing in the business.

Rick claims that “everyone who followed” the 7-second daily Ikarian procedure lost weight, enhanced their mental clarity, increased their energy, and regenerated their bodies, indicating that IkariaSlim was effective for the whole treatment group.

Dr. Panos and Rick finished the IkariaSlim recipe, elated with the results of the experiment. Today, anybody may lose weight using this method. Even though Rick and Dr. Panos chose not to publish their research in a peer-reviewed publication, they are certain that it may aid in weight loss when taken regularly.

How to Make Use of IkariaSlim

IkariaSlim is meant to be simple to use by everyone. To reduce weight, just add a few drops of the unflavored formula to your preferred beverage and consume it everyday.

Rick, Dr. Panos, and the IkariaSlim team suggest taking the product in the following manner:

Squeeze a tiny quantity of Ikaria Slim into a glass of water, tea, coffee, juice, or smoothie.

Take IkariaSlim once a day in the morning or evening.

That is all. According to internet testimonies, you might lose as much as 0.5 to 1 pound each day by using IkariaSlim everyday.

How Much Weight Loss Is Possible with IkariaSlim?

IkariaSlim promises to aid weight loss in as little as 27 days. Customers who have used IkariaSlim to lose a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time have provided testimonials on the official website.

Here are a few of the weight reduction success stories highlighted on the website:

One client says she dropped 25 pounds with IkariaSlim after battling to lose weight with a personal trainer, healthy diet, and exercise program, as well as other methods, returning to her early 20s weight.

One user dropped four pounds in the first week of taking IkariaSlim. After three months, he achieved his weight reduction objective “with ease” and described the supplement as a “game changer” and highly recommended formula.

One client says IkariaSlim “did miracles for [her] health” when she added the supplement to her morning coffee and evening glass of water, saying it kept undesired fat off her body without any dieting or exercise.

One consumer claimed to have dropped 18 pounds in the first month of using IkariaSlim. He had battled with his weight since his twenties and was first doubtful that IkariaSlim would work, but he now characterizes it as a life-altering, inexpensive solution.

One consumer, Jackie, claimed to have dropped “48 pounds” “in only a few of months” by consuming the IkariaSlim-based 7-second Greek recipe.

A 33-year-old reviewer lauds IkariaSlim for making her feel “rejuvenated and full of energy every day” and for being “very simple and straightforward to use.” Using the method, she achieved “all” of her weight reduction objectives, characterizing it as a “quick-acting, long-term weight loss treatment.”

Other consumers state that IkariaSlim has increased their energy levels and general vigor.

IkariaSlim Pricing

IkariaSlim costs between $49 and $69 every bottle. Each bottle offers a 30-day supply of weight loss solution in liquid form. The standard retail price per bottle is $99.

IkariaSlim is available solely via IkariaSlim.com, where it is priced as follows:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 plus Free Delivery
  • Three bottles for $177 ($59 each bottle) with free delivery
  • Six bottles for $294 ($49 each) plus Free delivery

As part of a campaign in 2022, all purchases of IkariaSlim include three free incentives, including free worldwide delivery and two free bonuses.

Included Extras with IkariaSlim

When you purchase the 1, 3, or 6-bottle IkariaSlim package online today, you will get free worldwide delivery and two additional eBooks. After your purchase is verified, you get immediate digital access to these eBooks.

The Comprehensive Guide to Health and Fitness: This e-book describes health and exercise practices that you may use immediately to complement the weight reduction benefits of IkariaSlim. Although IkariaSlim is supposedly effective without diet or exercise, modest health and fitness modifications might increase weight reduction.

Second bonus book: The End of All Disease: Natural medicines may strengthen the body’s resistance against sickness. In this e-book, you’ll learn how to combat diseases and illnesses using supplements, dietary modifications, and other methods.

IkariaSlim Refund Policy

IkariaSlim comes with a sixty-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you may request a full refund within sixty days.

About IkariaSlim

Premier Vitality, situated in Brandon, Florida, manufactures IkariaSlim, which may be purchased online at PremVitality.com.

Premier Vitality is also well-known for its NeuroPure, Blood Sugar Blaster, Virility X2, and GutRegen supplements. The organization is primarily known for developing IkariaSlim.

Premier Vitality produces IkariaSlim at a United States facility that is FDA-registered and GMP-certified. The business claims that all of the formula’s active constituents come from Ikaria, a rocky Greek island inhabited by 8,000 people.

Last Word

IkariaSlim is a supplement for weight reduction that is available in an unflavored formulation. Simply spend 7 seconds each morning adding IkariaSlim to your coffee, tea, smoothie, water, or other beverage of choice, and you will lose weight swiftly.

According to the official website, IkariaSlim has assisted consumers in losing between 0.5 and 1 pound of fat every day, helping them to attain their weight reduction objectives quickly.

Visit IkariaSlim.com to discover more about IkariaSlim and how it works, or to get the weight reduction pill online now.

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