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Operation Blackout is a program that aims to assist in the establishment of dedicated communication networks. Teddy Daniels created it after he became famous for surviving a shooting in Afghanistan.


He wants people to be able to deal with a blackout that lasts for a long time and become so well-trained they can help emergency response teams.

Most Operation Blackout reviews say that this program is legitimate. According to reports, it has helped thousands of people to understand concepts such as High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse attacks, how to maintain mental health and essential supplies as long as you can, and various strategies to implement home security measures.

Before you invest in Operation Blackout, it’s worth reading this detailed review to see if this is the program for you.

Electricity is essential to our modern lifestyles. What would you do if there were a blackout and no emergency management agencies available?

What if the situation continues for more than a year or two? The general public is not trained to deal with such an attack.

operation blackout reviews

What is Operation Blackout ?

Operation Blackout can be used as a guide to manage a blackout and help you survive a HEMP assault. The Operation Blackout Survival Guide may teach you how to survive even with limited internet by teaching different survival tactics.


  • The “Invisible” Garden of Survival: How to Grow Your Own Food Safely During a Power Outage
  • How to Turn Your House into an Impenetrable Fortress




60-day money-back guarantee


Who is Teddy Daniels and why did he feel the need to create a comprehensive survival guide?

Teddy Daniels is a multi-faceted individual who has served the country in many different fields. He became close to Donald Trump, and other top government officials.

He found some documents that were classified in a government agency. They implied that the USA had been attacked. He claimed to have solid proof that China was ready to launch an HEMP attack against the USA. However, the government had not taken any steps to begin training its citizens.

They are trying to prevent chaos but in reality, people need to know basic survival techniques to be safe.

Teddy Daniels created Operation Blackout to help people survive a prolonged blackout. The program is designed to teach readers how to survive even in a long blackout.

Teddy Daniels says that Operation Blackout aims to raise awareness and teach survival skills to all people, so they can protect themselves, their families and their communities.

What are the different features of Operation Blackout?

Operation Blackout, according to many reviews identifies the importance of knowing certain techniques to help people survive a prolonged blackout. Let’s walk through the top features of this program to see what it can do for you:

Reduce Resource Depletion with Our Help

Teddy Daniels, the Operation Blackout Team and their belief that you should not wait until your emergency supplies and services run out to seek help. Survival techniques and strategies will help to reduce the risk of running out of resources.

Many Operation Blackout reviews state that this digital product helps people understand resource management concepts to deal with such problems.

Promoting better emergency preparedness

In extended blackouts, there’s a good chance that 911 will be out of service. Who will you call if you need immediate emergency services?

Operation Blackout by Teddy Daniels acknowledges the issue and aims to assist people in becoming self-sufficient. The survival techniques can teach people how to manage food and support supplies.

Comes with Post-Navigational Sign

You can contact the Operation Blackout Team if you have any questions, but you may not be in a position to do so if there is a prolonged power outage. Each copy of the Operation Blackout Survival Guide comes with a sign that indicates where you are after completing your navigation.

You can skip the scrolling and go straight to the section you want.

It boasts of Thousands of Positive Reviews

There are now thousands of positive Operation Blackout online reviews that describe how the survival program has opened people’s eyes to potential horrors in the future.

There are also some critical Operation Blackout reviews, but the majority of them are filled with positive testimonials praising Teddy Daniels for his survival guide which helps to establish communication networks between people.

Who should invest in the Operation Blackout Program and who shouldn’t?

Operation Blackout may be the best fit for some people but not for others. We’ll see where you fit in:

Operation Blackout: Is it Right for You?

Operation Blackout is a good option if you think that the government doesn’t always act transparently when it comes to potential issues, such as nuclear attacks.

Operation Blackout provides guidelines on how to create an emergency kit with all the necessary supplies and an emergency medical care box.

If you think that you will benefit from this peace of your mind, then this digital product could be for you.

Operation Blackout is not for you?

Operation Blackout is not for you if you do not believe in the threat of a HEMP or blackout scenario, nor the importance of emergency preparedness.

If you think you can survive without a survival checklist and resource management tips, then you might not need Operation Blackout.


Does Teddy Daniels Operation Blackout Really Exist? And Have Emergency Blackouts Happened Anywhere Else Before?

Most people who think that a nuclear war or power outages could happen post positive reviews of Operation Blackout. Operation Blackout is viewed as useful by those who believe the techniques work in blackout procedures.

There have also been instances where blackouts have become reality in other parts of the world. Venezuelans, for example, had to deal with unforeseen circumstances when several areas of the country went black.

The death toll was alarmingly high in just a few short days as they struggled to implement home security measures. Blackout scenarios can occur, so having a survival essentials list is a great asset.

What are the pros and cons of Operation Blackout?

Does the fact that there are many positive Operation Blackout reviews online mean it will meet your needs?

You must weigh the pros and the cons to answer this question. We will help you by guiding you through the pros, cons and other aspects of Operation Blackout.

Pros Of Operation Blackout

Operation Blackout has many positive aspects.

  • The price of Operation Blackout is affordable because it recognizes the importance of making survival guides available.
  • Every order includes 2 eBooks for free
  • Survival guide with many tricks that will help you to stay energized at all times
  • Teddy Daniels offers a satisfaction guarantee of 100%.

Cons of Operation Blackout

Cons of Operation Blackout include

  • Operation Blackout aims to empower people in their families and communities, but some of the claims made within this survival guide are not supported by enough evidence.

Who should opt for the Operation Blackout Guide?

Operation Blackout Guide provides valuable insight and strategies when there is an outage.

Do you really need this? How can you tell? Find out!

Rural Areas Residents

Rural America is a place of beautiful landscapes, tight-knit community and idyllic scenery. It also presents a unique set challenges, particularly when it comes infrastructure and emergency preparedness. Long-term power outages can isolate and leave vulnerable families. They are more common and severe in rural areas.

Operation Blackout offers rural communities crucial strategies to help them weather the storms and become independent in the face adversity.

You can forget about relying on distant emergency services and shaky electricity lines. Operation Blackout empowers residents in rural areas to take charge. The guide equips rural residents with the skills and knowledge to become resource independent, transforming their homes into fortresses that are resilient. The guide shows them:

Harnessing the power of Nature: Learn how to produce sustainable food through backyard gardens and water purification methods for safe drinking. You can also learn about alternative energy sources such as solar panels that keep your lights on.

Create robust communication networks. Operation Blackout offers alternative communication methods when cell towers go silent. Rural communities can remain connected even when the grid is down by setting up ham-radios and community-based relays.

Becoming self-reliant is a good thing for neighbors. This guide encourages community preparedness. Rural residents can build mutual support by sharing their skills and knowledge. This will help them to overcome the limitations of conventional infrastructure.

Operation Blackout Book

Families With Young Children

The thought of a blackout sends shivers up the spines of parents. Fear is replaced by fierce determination when parents have little ones in their care. Operation Blackout aims to protect those little hands and hearts who rely on us.

This guide will become your fortress with tips on how to prepare and protect your child, based on their specific needs. How to:

Make a safe haven in the event of a blackout. Set up a “family room” that has plenty of food, water and entertainment for you to stay calm. When darkness falls, pack comfort items such as stuffed animals or familiar books.

Offer meals: This guide offers age-appropriate menus and storage options to keep your kids nourished and energetic. Learn how to cook with no electricity using solar ovens and campfires.

Keep your children interested and curious. Operation Blackout provides games and activities which thrive in darkness and foster resilience and resourcefulness. Teach your children basic survival and first-aid skills to empower them to be mini-heroes.

Calm down their fears: This guide recognizes the emotional impact of emergencies on kids. The guide provides explanations of the blackout that are age-appropriate, as well as calming techniques and story prompts to ease anxiety.


People Living Alone

It can be liberating to live alone, but facing an emergency blackout on your own can be intimidating. Operation Blackout is your trusted friend, providing you with all the information needed to protect your safe haven. Imagine thriving, not only surviving in solitude, but also thriving. This guide will help you:

Protect your valuable resources and deter burglars with simple but effective methods. Operation Blackout will help you regain control of your home by securing the entry points and creating safe zones.

Master resource management. Make every drop count. The guide will reveal secrets for extending your supplies, ensuring your wellbeing, and even if the world outside is at a standstill.

Find your inner strength. Operation Blackout acknowledges the emotional challenges that isolation can bring. It provides practical strategies for managing anxiety and building mental resilience. Solitude can be turned into a source to empowerment.

People who are dependent on technology

The hum of notifications, and the glow from screens, paints the landscape of many people’s lives. What if this familiar rhythm was suddenly silenced? Operation Blackout recognizes the vulnerability of those who are technology-dependent in the event of an outage.

The book goes beyond survival and offers a guide to navigating the world without constant connectivity.

This guide will teach you how to communicate in a more alternative way, such as through bartering, ham radio networks and pre-arranged signal fires. You will learn how to prioritize information beyond the digital world, using printed resources, maps, and face to face communication to stay informed.

Operation Blackout does not demonize technology; it frees you from its limits. You can rediscover human connection, resilience in a community and self-reliance.

How can emergency blackouts occur and how can Operation Blackout help?

There are many reasons for blackouts, but they may not be as obvious and drastic as a nuclear strike. The HEMP attack might not even cause an explosion, but the cloud that China’s newest invention can create over the USA could cause all electronic devices to shut down.

It includes cars, the internet, phones, and even planes. In such circumstances, all your essential supplies could break or run out. Experts predict that crime rates will increase during blackouts.

Operation Blackout aims to teach people how they can turn their house into a fortress that is impenetrable. Operation Blackout can help protect one’s mental health by preparing them for emergencies before they occur.

Operation Blackout vs. other emergency survival programs: Which is the best guide that can help you survive an entire blackout process?

Operation Blackout has helped thousands of people improve their mental health. However, it is worth exploring other options before purchasing the Operation Blackout Survival Guide.

Let us compare this eBook to other products that encourage better resource management techniques which may be useful in hazardous conditions.

Operation Blackout vs. When All Hell Breaks Loose

The book When All Hell Breaks Loose has been hailed as a self-help manual that can help you to learn how to deal with even the most challenging physical situations in life.

Cody Lundin wrote it and works primarily on mental well-being, mindset and survival skills.

Operation Blackout, by Teddy Daniels, emphasizes the mental and physical aspects to using survival techniques in tough situations like blackouts.

Operation Blackout’s instructions and tips emphasize a more varied way to approach survival. This is why we feel it is a better option.

Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual vs. Operation Blackout

Mykel Hawke wrote Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual, which can help you navigate through life’s toughest situations without suffering much damage.

We felt that while both Operation Blackout, and Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual teach you how to deal with unforeseen situations, the first eBook will help you to understand them in a much more detailed manner.

The instructions and guidance in the second option is quite concise. You can choose either product based on what you need.

Operation Blackout vs. Where There is No Doctor

If you’re stuck in a nuclear war or need to create a checklist of survival essentials to make it through a blackout, David Werner’s Where There Is No Doctor may be able to help.

This eBook may teach you how to give first aid but it lacks important aspects such as teaching you how to make your home an impenetrable place.

Operation Blackout, on the other hand, offers a range of tactics that can help people of any age group survive in difficult conditions.

Operation Blackout reviews – hearing from the users

Leslie says Operation Blackout will change your life! This guide will help you survive in an uncertain world. It also provides a plan for how to thrive during prolonged blackouts.

Mental preparedness tips can be gold. I was well prepared and in control when a recent blackout struck. It’s worth every penny!

In his review, Cyrus says: I was sceptical, but Operation Blackout has exceeded my expectations. Teddy Daniels offers a good survival guide. It’s the practicality of this guide that shines through; from shielding electronic devices to creating a generator resistant to HEMP, it is a masterclass.

The resource management strategies in the guide were instrumental during a recent power outage. This is a complete solution to modern uncertainty. This is a highly recommended product!

What is the cost of Operation Blackout?

To avoid scams, it is best to purchase Operation Blackout only through its official site. Each eBook costs $67.


What bonus products are included with the Operation Blackout program?

Yes! Teddy Daniels is offering the following bonuses for each purchase of Operation Blackout.

Download eBook #1 The “Invisible” Surviving Garden: How To Safely Grow Your Food During A Blackout

Relying on outside food suppliers in a blackout is not advisable. Vendors may overcharge, scam, or even disappear if you don’t have internet access. This eBook will teach you how to grow food and help you be more self-reliant.

eBook #2: Turn Your House into a Fortress!

Blackouts can cause even the most reliable communication systems to fail, making your home vulnerable to burglars and thieves. This eBook will help you to learn how you can protect your home against potential burglaries.

What to Do if the robust functionality of Operation Blackout Program fails to satisfy you?

You can claim your money back if you don’t like the features or guidelines of Operation Blackout. This 60-day guarantee allows you to get 100% of what you paid. You can contact the Operation Blackout Team via their dedicated phone number.

You can also email the staff to communicate in written form. Your refund request will be accepted regardless of the way you communicate, as long as it is filed within two months after purchasing Operation Blackout.


Can Operation Blackout be helpful during extended blackout periods?

Operation Blackout is a great tool to use during prolonged blackouts. The program was designed by Teddy Daniels and offers a comprehensive guide to survival that goes beyond traditional measures.

This kit helps individuals prepare for prolonged power outages by preparing their homes and securing essential supplies. It also provides the tools to establish communication networks.

Operation Blackout is a valuable resource that focuses on mental health, emergency preparedness and resource management. This allows individuals to not only survive but thrive in extended blackout situations.

What other events besides power blackout can Operation Blackout be helpful for?

Operation Blackout is useful in many emergency situations, not just blackouts. Survival strategies are applicable to natural disasters, nuclear attacks and disruptions of emergency services.

It helps individuals prepare for unexpected challenges by focusing on mental preparedness, resource allocation, and communication networks.

Operation Blackout, originally designed for blackout scenarios but now a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of crisis situations, where resourcefulness, resilience and effective communication is paramount, has benefited from the comprehensive approach.

Final Verdict

Operation Blackout aims to make people safer by teaching them the best survival techniques that they can use in dangerous situations such as blackouts.

It is safe to say that since it was designed by Teddy Daniels who worked as an investigative officer for the Baltimore Police Department and then joined the military, you can conclude that it has some of the best ways of surviving a blackout.

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